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  1. Crymson


    @Maelstrom Vortex You're in luck: I'm checking these forums for the first time in four years, and I saw your notification. Per your claims on Karma: having had my finger very much on the pulse of Cybernations at that stage, I can tell you that you're incorrect; Vektor and Triyun certainly weren't the catalysts for it. If anything, they were--after the retirements of Dilber and Philosopher--the only competent foreign affairs persons remaining in the ranks of NPO's government at that time. Karma was caused by the rampaging incompetence and power-tripping of s
  2. How dare you speak to the zombie of our fifth President in such a way????
  3. Agreed. Say what you will about MK, but they were many times more successful in this game than your alliance is likely to ever be.
  4. Hahahahaha, that's a funny one. I'd get into it, but then I'd really be discussing moderation issues.
  5. My last post had nothing of the sort, but nice try. That said, you do bring up the the pertinent fact that if not for our kindness and leniency, your time in this game would have ended more than five years ago.
  6. I've had two posts deleted by Schattenman now. Clearly I'm revealing things that he doesn't want to have people know.
  7. I'm not discussing this any further until you watch Plinkett's review of Revenge of the Sith. Take it or leave it.
  8. Your post is so chock-full of arrogant stupidity that I won't even bother responding to it. Your explanation of Padme's death was the only part that I found entertaining. Apparently being choked for 15 seconds means death. That's funny. Anyway, the movie itself and literally every canonical Star Wars source out there disagrees with you, but since it's obvious that you're an egotist, it doesn't surprise me that you continue to argue the point anyway. In other words, you're unwilling to watch these highly-touted masterpieces because they disagree with your views. Got it.
  9. A year is longer than 12 months? Apparently you equals everyone.
  10. Thanks. I worked hard on those three posts.
  11. I'm so glad that my significance to you merits such an expenditure of time.
  12. Anakin was fooled into becoming evil. Palpatine manipulated him (in unbelievable manner) to believe that Padme would die in childbirth otherwise, with Palpatine himself being the only one who could keep it from happening. The cost of Palpatine supposedly saving Padme was that Anakin turn to the dark side. Palpatine's single bit of leverage was the visions that he introduced to Anakin's dreams. Anakin was an unbelievably stupid character who fell for a ruse concocted by a guy whose kind was legendary for its lies and deceit. The story depended on Anakin being a moron. Padme died of a broken
  13. Episode III is terrible, just like the other two films in the prequel trilogy; and if it did inspire emotion in me, then that emotion was frustration---frustration at how awful the movie was, and how plainly inept George Lucas is when left entirely to his own devices. The plot of Episode III was one giant hole, a black hole that sucked everything else into it. Palpatine's plan was ridiculously convoluted, made little sense, was predicated upon the proper conclusion of a legion of uncertain outcomes, and depended entirely upon the unconscionable, unbelievable stupidity of almost every single no
  14. Oh, so this guy is Pearl? Here I was thinking Enamel was some imbecile newbie who showed up during the Winter War.
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