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    @Maelstrom Vortex You're in luck: I'm checking these forums for the first time in four years, and I saw your notification. Per your claims on Karma: having had my finger very much on the pulse of Cybernations at that stage, I can tell you that you're incorrect; Vektor and Triyun certainly weren't the catalysts for it. If anything, they were--after the retirements of Dilber and Philosopher--the only competent foreign affairs persons remaining in the ranks of NPO's government at that time. Karma was caused by the rampaging incompetence and power-tripping of such fools as Moo-Cows, Zha'Dum, and so on. Under Moo's leadership--particularly in the absence of Dilber and Philo--NPO progressively made enemies of a larger and larger proportion of the treaty web while increasingly alienating friends and allies, all the while operating under the bizarre belief that the latter would mindlessly fall into line to protect NPO when the butcher's bill ultimately came due. Needless to say, they ended up unpleasantly surprised on that count. I've seen the logs of NPO's IO channel on the night the Karma War erupted, when it became suddenly apparent to all those present that they did not have the strength to win the conflict they'd started. Their genuine astonishment at the situation was absolutely hilarious to behold; the vast majority had a sublime lack of understanding as to how their own choices had led directly and inexorably to that ultimate consequence. The hubris was truly amazing. It was Moo and company who had critically undermined the cohesion of Continuum in the latter half of 2008, who lost friends and made enemies of the majority of that bloc's members, who had carelessly bullied and power-played their way into the elusive scenario of those stagnant days: one in which a number alliances were, at last, willing to band together against NPO in sufficient numbers to make a fair fight of things. For TOP's part, Vektor and Triyun were the only ones who paid us any attention or our opinions any heed, Triyun throughout the early stages of that year and Vektor on the days leading up to the war and indeed up to the very moment it was begun. It was the rest of NPO's leadership that blithely neglected a critical relationship with TOP, arrogantly content up until the very night the war began to assume we'd simply fall into lockstep, no matter that it was the umpteenth time during our treaty relationship that they'd callously trampled on our agenda without any consideration. That was an enormous mistake. TOP was, punch for punch, quite possibly the most militarily powerful alliance in the game at the outset of Karma, and we had a great deal of political pull to boot. NPO absolutely needed our support if it was to begin that war on even an equal footing with the opposition, and Moo's very act of starting that war was--after nine months spent entirely unconcerned with our opinions about anything--to give us a giant middle finger that we were entirely unwilling to forgive. We'd beseeched him to avoid pursuing an entirely petty issue into a war that would leave us in an incredibly awkward position, and indeed I was mediating talks with an aim toward resolving the issue---talks that ended when Moo abruptly decided he'd had enough and immediately declared war. I know for a fact that Triyun and Vektor were against this and tried to stop it, but Moo and his gang of cronies were not having any of that. That event about sums up the NPO mindset that brought about Karma. If Vektor and Triyun told you that you didn't have what it took, my admittedly limited experience with you would lead me to agree. And if you did indeed end up becoming "a force," as you say, you did so in the twilight years of a moribund game. My recollection of your behavior is comprised largely of your megalomaniacal, hysterical rants made years ago. You'd have been a perfect fit in NPO's hierarchy during its glory years. It was the many people of your temperament in NPO's government who helped topple NPO's from its position of glory, and indeed the very types who led me to quit that alliance and migrate to TOP in the first place. The irony of that has always amused me, as I played probably the greatest role in building TOP from a largely passive observer into an active, powerful political force whose support NPO ultimately took for granted and whose independence they underestimated; and I was there, on the night the Karma War began, when we terminally lost patience with NPO and told them to take a hike. That said, this all took place years ago and in the context of a game. I have no particular hard feelings toward you or anyone else, save those few who were legitimately bad human beings. I'm not sure what "dismantling" you're referring to, nor the recovery race you've referenced. I recently reactivated my nation at the behest of others, after years in the inactivity pile. In any event, I've enjoyed this trip down memory lane. For three or four years, this was an engaging game with a stellar community. It's a shame that didn't last.
  2. I've analyzed this thread with a team of trained psychotherapists, and we've come to one unanimous conclusion: that we feel a great deal of pity for anyone who still takes Cybernations seriously.
  3. This is clearly an instance of pork-barrel spending.
  4. Old men running the world.. a [i]new age![/i]
  5. You've a strange notion of productivity.
  6. I'll do away with the disingenuous congratulations on peace and fraudulent sportsmanlike well-wishes and---in the interests of actually being authentic---say to NPO that I enjoyed seeing you thoroughly stepped on, but am nevertheless glad to see this war end because the actual combat segment of wars is tedious and repetitive and I can only take so many months of it at a time before I become extremely bored. Have fun with your plotting of revenge. On a slightly related note, congratulations and best wishes on reconstruction to all and sundry alongside whom my people fought.
  7. That's one of the dumbest things I've seen said on here lately.
  8. Yep, that's certainly true, and I don't think Bob was arguing that NoR is even remotely like IRON in this area. That's Bob, not TOP. As I'm sure you've noticed, our members are generally free with their personal opinions on here. One wonders why you would put your entire top 10 in peace mode for the entirety of any conflict, let alone one in which your alliance and its co-combatants had such enormous numerical superiority over the opposition.
  9. Is it the TOP/Umb coalition, the TOP/Polar coalition, the TOP coalition, or the Polar coalition? You guys really ought to get together and align your conspiracy theories.
  10. The agreed-upon strategy of the losing side's leadership appears to be the incessant utterance of mendacious comments about TOP. Flattering, I guess.
  11. To sum up: NPO didn't lose a conventional war (the universe wouldn't allow this!); they've instead simply been the target of an insidious, genius plot!
  12. I can't tell whether this was said tongue-in-cheek or genuinely.
  13. Your utter lack of conviction in this is as thoroughly amusing as your attempt to portray yourself and your alliance as staunch moralists at war's start. You know as well as any that your words amount to nothing beyond propaganda. You're perfectly aware that this is an untrue claim, and this is obvious to everyone. I therefore question the point of making it at all, especially as there are plenty of folks on hand here to confirm that it's nonsense. Remember, Steve, what I told you about the substantial divide between your belief in your talent for propaganda and your actual aptitude at same? Well, now you've got another example.
  14. Oh, SNAP! So what's this to say? Whatever the case, others have quite well pointed out that it's is small consolation to you, as your alliance has thoroughly lost this war. That said, I'll ameliorate your hillbilly inability to properly analyze the case in question by providing you with some help: first off, in my war against you and two other Pacifican nations, you were without exception the one who nuked me, whereas, of the nations arrayed against you, it was always one other than mine that nuked your nation; second, of those three nations with which I was at war, yours happened to generally be my lowest priority, so the focus not being directed toward you was instead being inflicted upon them; and (accordingly) third, the numbers in my wars against your two compatriots were very much to the other end of the scale. This hardly seems something to gloat over. Whatever the case, you're celebrating a Cybernations fool's triumph, and I feel somewhat piteous toward you at the brainless joy you've found in it.
  15. I've been playing Cybernations for more than seven years, and I believe this is the first time I've seen the leader of a major alliance take to the OWF to openly grouse about in-process peace terms discussions. \m/ did it, as did, I believe, the original GOONS, but this was because they were given terms that were well in excess of objectively ludicrous. Ah, well. Bad news, members of Pacifica: you're in the hands of a fool Emperor, one who seems to believe that the universe legitimately owes him better than he's getting.
  16. And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for that meddling Stewie!
  17. Is that really the best you can do? Thoroughly comical though it may be, the propaganda geared toward making TOP appear a vicious puppetmaster is a tad flattering; we're glad so many people think so highly of our oratorical abilities. That said, trying to sway opinion by accusing alliances of being manipulated is exactly the sort of maladroit bumbling I'd expect from the poster to whom I'm currently responding; implying that people are mindless dunces isn't likely to make them feel friendly (of course, this would require them to care about what he says in the first place, and they almost certainly don't).
  18. Unfortunately for your argument, our involvement in that conflict was relatively minor in scale and did not include war against your alliance.
  19. You're not even nearly the propagandist you've always believed yourself to be. That fact is in very clear evidence here. Give it up, Steve. This is a minor point, but you've been around a long time, and during that entire time I don't think you've ever seen TOP try to emulate NPO in anything. You've finally succeeded in bludgeoning me into agreement through sheer force of self-righteousness! I now subscribe to your point of view! ...
  20. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first from Steve Buscemi, renowned bastion of truth and objectivity. With that, I appear to have exhausted my sarcasm reserves.
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