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  1. Congratulations to my friends and allies in Sparta o/
  2. Glad to see this, congrats to both of my allies :) o/ Invicta o/ CCC
  3. Congratulations to my allies in Sparta, you have a fine new treaty partner.
  4. Well fought all around, good fun was had. Best of luck with the rebuilding.
  5. The Legion hereby declares White Peace with the Alliances of Anarchy Inc., SNAFU, the Javahouse League, and the Sandwich Confederation. Signed for the Legion: bjalbert of BA Baracus, Imperator Regent Pancras of Unification, Proconsul killer04 of Iwait, Minister of Foreign Affairs Roddney McCay of Kaligon, Minister of Economics Konkrage of konkrage1, Minister of Internal Affairs Captain of Northern Alliance, Minister of Defense For Anarchy Inc.: The Board of Directors: Buffalo Niagara, Grendel, Gambona, Minion: the one and only Saphyre For SNAFU: Stetson76 of Axeland Grand FUBAR Joe32320 of Lealand For the Javahouse League: White Chocolate lonewolfe2015 John Churchill Max Power For the Sandwich Confederation: The Plate of the Sandwich Confederation
  6. Welcome to the fray Invicta o/ I plan on seeing you all on the battlefield one way or another...
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