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One Fine Publication: International Edition #2

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[size=6]Who are the NPO?[/size]
[size=4]One Fine Publication Investigates [/size]

Recently OFP was asked to investigate the reclusive 'New Pacific Order' by our friends in the Athenian tech raiding department. A quick fact check on their wiki showed us that despite their six hundred members they had no military treaties. Immediately intrigued, OFP researched further, unearthing a treasure trove of information on this 'counter culture' alliance. The NPO seems to refuse to abide by Bobian norms. A [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=79468&view=findpost&p=2139775"]neutral menace[/url], until recently, this alliance had a bizarre [b]anti-nuclear[/b] policy, keeping only 6 weapons at a time. Although most members of the CN community will not remember, it also turns out that this alliance was formerly well known.

[b]A quick history of the New Pacific Order[/b]
The NPO, a splinter alliance from the much better known [b]New Polar and New Sith Orders[/b], emerged out of obscurity in mid 2008 after an oppressive group known as '[b]Vocks[/b]' repressively hounded them in public and private. After a merciless beat-down in 2009, the alliance disappeared off the radar before recently emerging back into the limelight.


[b]Counter Culture[/b]
The NPO is known, as its name suggests, for its [b]pacifist ways[/b]. Never an alliance to seek a fight, until recently the NPO would only permit the retention of 6 nuclear weapons. Its charitable qualities are also well known. The NPO is a sender of aid to the nations of Bob, expecting nothing in return. According to inside sources, the Order "can move billions." The alliance also shuns technology, unlike most alliances on Bob (who actually try to acquire technology), giving it away in huge quantities. Over 350,000 units of technology have been given away at the time of publication. [b]James I[/b] of the [b]Mushroom Kingdom[/b] tells us "I really can't thank the NPO enough for it's contributions to the Kingdom. We are forever indebted to them for their act of kindness."OFP cannot find out the reasoning behind this charitable nature, although experts suspect that it is to do with the NPO's Francosist [b]religious teachings[/b].

[b]The Change[/b]
But all is not well in the NPO. A change has occurred over the past week. This former recluse of an alliance has become outspoken. It's previous ethical and charitable aid has ceased. It's nuclear arsenal has grown exponentially. Worst of all, it has ceased to abide by its neutral policies. Yes, the NPO has strayed from its founding light. Who do we blame for this? Well, the only answer is really the NSO. In a cruel twist of fate, the [b]NPO has come under the NSO's jackboot[/b] once again. The NSO now controls the NPO's foreign policy decisions, going as far as forcing it to sign a humiliating non-chaining MDP with NATO. Commentators have accused the NPO of abandoning its guiding principles. While it's charitable and foreign policy relations have been questioned, so too have its constant tea drinking. Political activists have reportedly formed [b]Tea Parties[/b] in the streets of Planet Bob's largest cities, calling for an end to the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86171&view=findpost&p=2309131"]incessant tea drinking[/url] (while posting) of the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86171&view=findpost&p=2305637"]NPO's elite[/url].

The NPO must go back to its true calling. Be brave NPO, don't renounce your pacifism, fade back into obscurity. And stop drinking so much !@#$@#$ tea.

[size=6] Londo Mollari: Definitely Still Evil[/size]
[center][img]http://i48.tinypic.com/2wd1to0.jpg[/img][/center][i]Caption: Athens PR guru and TOP Chief Etiquette officer Rsoxbronco1: "This looks shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen a number of shops in my time"[/i]

The Planet Bob political community was sent reeling last night after evidence emerged that [b]Londo Mollari[/b], destroyer of hegemonies, killer of babies, raider of Ni and deliverer of terms has been playing down recent rumours that he "[b]isn't so bad after all[/b]." In addition to "being alright" - documents surfaced that accused him of actually doing "[b]an alright job of running his alliance[/b]" and "being quite good at getting stuff done." Londo (14) held a press conference with planet leaders late last night where he made the following statement "It has come to my attention that recent photographs and documents have surfaced claiming that I am actually 'not as bad as people say he is.' This is a lie. [b]I am still immoral[/b], and I always will be. Now I need to go skin some baby seals, please excuse me." It is not known yet if this statement will be enough to dispel the new rumours that he 'is actually quite cool if you get to know him' which emerged in the early hours of this morning. Athens refused to return our calls.

[size=6]Conspiracy of the Week[/size]

[i] OFP can neither confirm nor deny that we will all shortly die[/i]. [/center]

[size=6]Album Review [/size]



The Glam-Rock trio in [b]Legion[/b] return to the charts with yet another stadium filler, [b]Stockholm Syndrome[/b]. Although the single pushes the right buttons, it is not the record they have been waiting for to remove them from their current slump. Since becoming a commercial success and inspiring a generation of purple garage bands, Legion has never been able to quite recoup its old form, despite the best hopes of die hard fans. Its Pitchfork fanbase, who felt betrayed when Legion signed to a major label ([b]New Pacific Records[/b]), now simply refuse to buy its albums.

[i]The current Legion line up: Imperial, Hubb and Watcher[/i][/center]

A source close to the band, who wishes to remain nameless, informed us that "Legion just had it all but, after 'the incident,' are quickly fading into rock 'n roll obscurity." A much publicised celebrity spat with Heavy Metal duo [b]Sparta[/b] briefly brought them back into the limelight, but after the departure of key songwriter, Lord Fingolfin, the bubble of renewed stardom burst. In a recent press conference a spokesperson for the band blamed tough competition in the [b]tween market[/b] and internet piracy for the band's mediocre chart performance. Although this is not an album for everyone, and the style is perhaps an acquired taste, it is a good listen.

[i]Legion are playing several gigs at www.avelegio.net. Tickets can be purchased directly from the band's website[/i]

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And if you turn to your left, you'll see anouther person take advantage of his free speech rights provided by [font="Comic Sans MS"]Karma[/font] to slander other sovereign alliances...he's a clever one at that. Now we observers are left to wonder...who is next?

Nice article, though. I actually enjoyed it. :awesome:

Go for Sir Paul levels next.

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[quote name='D34th' date='24 May 2010 - 11:00 PM' timestamp='1274759989' post='2310962']
I have to say that I prefer the original, Sir Paul is better in this.

But a good read anyway.

You pretty summed up everything I had to say.

Also, is it just me or does Banksy/ODN seem to only use that one font? Is there no diversity in your imagery?

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[quote name='memoryproblems' date='25 May 2010 - 05:20 PM' timestamp='1274761230' post='2310984']
Also, is it just me or does Banksy/ODN seem to only use that one font? Is there no diversity in your imagery?
I didn't actually do the fonts for this particular issue, although I see that they are all quite similar. I will be sure to dazel you with a wider range of fonts in the future.

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