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  1. No, buy a !@#$@ ton of jello mix and turn it into jello That would ruin the filter.
  2. I actually laughed. Not hard, but it was noticeable. CN Blogs are pretty much the worst thing and the fact that this one is an exact template for them is why.
  3. Just so people know, it's Sir Paul talking for a half an hour. AirMe chimes in occasionally.
  4. Mathias

    Attacked by Admin!

    Admin supports tech raiding.
  5. This is what I was going to say. Don't worry NPpO, you have AUT!
  6. AUT stop saying things I agree with. "Let's take all the politics out of a nation simulator, that'll save the game!" - Fernando.
  7. This is how it starts. MK and their hegemony are trying to control our posting habits.
  8. You mean the couple second long scene where they punch the guy in the face a few times?
  9. Yes, that is the softball joke Atlas set everyone up for. Congratulations.
  10. What it meant? It meant their allies didn't have to go to war because of NSO's incompetence. Just like in this war it meant that PC and iFOK didn't get dragged into a war simply because NEW is too stubborn to accept that what they did was wrong.
  11. Well the difference is that NSO did it so that they could play the victim.
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