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  1. Ha, Yea! The ole' one two! afterwards we can go to the speakeasy and and and find a pair of flappers and chat them up. My grandpa was always saying how he was going to give things the ole one two. Haven't thought of that in years.
  2. Hustlin' ery day We name this abortion of a war yet? Cash>Infra/Tech War maybe?
  3. I will be your double agent and help you destroy GATO. We will set up a system where GATO nations send you their money and you can pull a fast one on us by sending them some of that useless technology. You can get other members ot your alliance to join in and the poor fools will will be right where you want them.
  4. o/ TIO o/ NATO o/ R&R You guys are great, Huzzah! Did you have a stroke and forget the last 2 years? Its happened a couple of times.
  5. (Post with snarky comment ) (implication of my prior knowledge with the intent of asserting my insider status)
  6. I love you. o/ DT and HB You both have that irrepressible habit of kicking ass and looking good while you do it. Its great to see this. HB, mot gonna lie, I feel a pang of jealously reading your sigs on there,
  7. o/ Thats a sexy line up you got going, this announcement is permiated with win
  8. Best of luck to some of my oldest friends and their new alliance. Gibs, Tim, Tub, Emma, Lossy, Chim and all the rest of you guys have assembled one of the most impressive collections of talent and experience I have see. I know you will do great things and I hope you have a blast doing them. o/ MI6 Onwards and upwards!
  9. o/ Hell Yes! More steps in the right direction for the win
  10. Sounds interesting, this could be really fun. If you still need a coach let me know.
  11. Christ, just can it Darth Congrats on coming into being! Good luck guys, go forth and kick ass
  12. Happy Birthday guys! Looking forward to the next 3, and im seeing great things. Cheers!
  13. o/ GATO Looks like a great lineup for a great term, lets make it happen
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