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  1. that was weird, i just got a notification today <_< sorry SCY

  2. Thx kubla, one more request, could we get a breakdown of the BFF-Sentinel front, but including TORN with BFF, and MCXA and TLR with Sentinel?

  3. Alliance ranked by Total NS # number represents place among Alliance Nations, Nation Ruler- Nat Link [Days at war] {Number of Opponents} (Total NS) +/- Change in NS Sparta 1. #2 Ethan the Lionheart- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=146124 [2] {3} (225,357.562) +8,678 2. #3 Justin666- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=132232 [2] {2} (171,701.112) +6,069 3. #4 Tulak Hord- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=14481[2] {2} (151,300) +2,217 4. #5 Darklink7748- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=189022 [2] {2}(144,331.892) +6,650 5. #13 couchmonkee- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=13699 [2] {2} (111,751) +4,261 6. #17 Trinite- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=123827 [2] {2} (107,623.189) +2,830 7. #21 Spun Dirtah- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=41402 [3] {3} (101,241) +4,407 8. #23 NickLee808- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=127547 [2] {2} (96,884) +1,525 9. #24 Shinpah1- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=170436 [2] {2} (95,947) +4,991 10. #29 peachey- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=108539[2] {1} (93,072) +2,362 Total Change in NS: +45,990 Total Alliance Change in NS: +54,761 Next: Independent Republic Of Orange Nations
  4. Sure thing SCY, and yes they are very much on the offensive in the sup 25k range but in the upper tier being double teamed is the rule not the exception, a solid counter attack in the next round would be very effective and necessary to give their guys some relief since their IRON opponents have only one war each save 2.
  5. CCC Nations: 128 NS: 3,425,783 ANS: 26,764 Score: 14.13 Infra 526,257 Tech 216,702 Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.412 Nukes: 923 Stock Markets: 62 SDI: 42 MP: 53 WRC: 14 Active wars: 85 Offensive: 62 Defensive: 23 Nukes Thwarted 164 Direct Hits 154 Anarchy: 21 Peace Mode: 46 -135,061 NS since beginning of the war about 1589 NS lost per war, respectable but if they want to have a bigger impact on their front against IRON they need to get their upper tier into the war. Among their top 40 nations only 14 are in war mode and only 10 of those are in active wars. If only 14 nations above 32k are engaged and no one above 80k, you are really just letting iron double team all engaged nations and letting IRON take you to the woodshed in your mid range. Ill update in a week with a aid slot breakdown added. Best of luck guys.
  6. Hey, could we get war stats on my ally CCC?

  7. On 12/2/2011 at 11:29:18 PM the Ruler "Moose Hole" of Coldy Was the first FARK nation to declare war on the New Pacific Order, his noble reason "Auntie and uncle in Bel-air" no doubt carries with it a deep symbolism to him. As in the last war I plan on giving detailed stats on alliances and analysis on that data as dispassionately as I can, I hope you enjoy. Here Are the initial numbers for FARK, FAN, and NPO FARK Nations: 246 NS: 13,941,587 ANS: 56,673 Score: 51.69 Infra 1,972,889 Tech 990,542 Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.502 Nukes: 3,546 Stock Markets: 197 SDI: 145 MP: 165 WRC: 93 Active wars: 195 Offensive: 119 Defensive: 76 Anarchy: 30 Peace Mode: 13 FAN Nations: 143 NS: 5,044,788 ANS: 35,278 Score: 19.85 Infra: 769,579 Tech: 281,798 Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.366 Nukes: 2,320 Stock Markets: 120 SDI: 80 MP: 118 WRC: 27 Active Wars: 77 Offensive: 59 Defensive: 18 Anarchy: 0 Peace Mode: 16 NPO Nations: 383 NS: 10,501,551 ANS: 27,419 Score: 43.13 Infra: 1,853,093 Tech: 489,590 Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.264 Nukes: 4,036 Stock Markets: 242 SDI: 171 MP: 193 WRC: 92 Active Wars: 272 Offensive: 94 Defensive: 178 Anarchy: 58 Peace Mode: 51 If there are any specific stats you would like me to track, please let me know.
  8. Heh, was the Commissioner just waiting for the word from HalfEmpty to turn on the RV signal?
  9. I really hate Macs, my grammar is terrible
  10. 90 days of war. Sustained, damaging and brutal. GATO is rebuilding, have been for 2 1/2 months now we only fought for what could be considered a blink of an eye in GATO's and CN's history but to me, it seems a lifetime ago that a post by VE would rip Bob apart. I've been reflecting a lot in this new year and was thinking about how GATO, Bob and I have changed. To you Old Guard as i thing of you, 4 digits in your nations and 2,3, hell 5+ million casualties, Im nothing but a snot nose kid. A post Karma generation baby, I "grew up" as it were in a special age. NPO was big to be sure, but it was one of the many boogymen i was raised with. PZI for entire alliances, forced disbannings, Vietfan, and, to me as a GATOan, viceroy. My alliance beaten to a point, physically and psychologically I cant imagine. The New Pacific Order, hated, reviled, and feared. Yet once again, I cant imagine, in the abstract well of course, to read about it, which i have, more pages than id care to share, but I or anyone of my post Karma brethren can truly understand. The scars of the past run deep on Bob, still fresh, throbbing and swollen, ready to split open. But I cant understand. The NPO has been polite to me, cordial in fact, even as a young, experienced nation. At only a month old Zeta Defender offered me a few nation building tips in #nsa. Their diplomats held up against everything GATO had to say and for the most part took it on the chin, i came to respect them, know some of them, I saw members of GATO whom I looked up to go "to the the dark side" as it were and somehow survive. I saw naught but reps being paid, diligently and without as much swearing than i know i would in the same circumstances, when i became GATO's Minister of Finance I admired there economic and military development. The creature in the dark, Christ Im young I thought. I look back on this war, I fought in Bi-Polar, a few brushfires and 10/10/10 but this was my first major war in the grand scheme. Anyway, back to reflecting, I've seen an Umbrella Proxy war Chris Kaos return to CN than GATO Dozens of alliances come into existence, each with week, months, years of planning, than fail some with a whimper, some with a bang Honor among those I looked on with contempt Weakness among alliances and blocs where I thought stronger and impregnable Strength where I expected collapse All that and in humble gaggle of Spanish cats rise up from the ashes of a bonfire I never saw, regain sanction, and break 30 score for the first time in history. I only wonder what I will have seen next
  11. Kubla Khan

    NPO war stats

    awesome stats dude, thanks
  12. Kubla Khan

    NPO war stats

    yea I need to update, ive saves all the info from last night and will post the 3 doomhouse alliances and the 3 biggest NPO and allies, i feel bad for not putting avalon in since they have been such a center of attention. after the big side by side comparison ill do an avalon breakdown
  13. Kubla Khan

    NPO war stats

    Change since 1/25 in parenthesis, Changes since 2/28 in brackets, totals at the bottom I'm not going to give commentary in this post, I will in another one once I have updated all my numbers for the week, I hope you find them informative As of Feb 28th Nations 548 Nations in Anarchy 192 (35%) Nations in Peace mode 194 (35.4%) Nations in War Mode 354 (64.5) Active Wars 342 Nation Strength 9,041,137 (-7,547,379) Average NS 16,498 (-14,108) Score 38.95 (-25.88) Land 256,972 (-369,691) Infra 1,525,668 (-1,538,058) Tech 484,834 (-273,303) SDI 215 Ave. 20.9 nukes thwarted so far this war MP 248 (45.2% have MP, 12.6 nukes per nation with MP) WRC 111 (20.25% have WRC) one month later... Nations 493 [-55] Nations in anarchy 171 [-21] Nations in Peace mode 193 [-1] Nations in War Mode 300 [-42] Nation Strength 6,629,193 [-2,411,944] Average NS 13,447 [-3051] Score 30.33 [-8.55] Land 216,546 [-40,426] Infra 1,066,487 [-459,181] Tech 370,991 [-113,843] SDI 207 [-8] MP 240 [-8] WRC 111 [-3] Total losses after 2 months of war of war Nations -49 Total NS -9,959,323 Average NS -17,159 Score -34.43 Land -410,117 Infra -1,997,239 Tech -387146
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