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  1. that was weird, i just got a notification today <_< sorry SCY

  2. Thx kubla, one more request, could we get a breakdown of the BFF-Sentinel front, but including TORN with BFF, and MCXA and TLR with Sentinel?

  3. Alliance ranked by Total NS # number represents place among Alliance Nations, Nation Ruler- Nat Link [Days at war] {Number of Opponents} (Total NS) +/- Change in NS Sparta 1. #2 Ethan the Lionheart- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=146124 [2] {3} (225,357.562) +8,678 2. #3 Justin666- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=132232 [2] {2} (171,701.112) +6,069 3. #4 Tulak Hord- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=14481[2] {2} (151,300) +2,217 4. #5 Darklink7748- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display
  4. Sure thing SCY, and yes they are very much on the offensive in the sup 25k range but in the upper tier being double teamed is the rule not the exception, a solid counter attack in the next round would be very effective and necessary to give their guys some relief since their IRON opponents have only one war each save 2.
  5. CCC Nations: 128 NS: 3,425,783 ANS: 26,764 Score: 14.13 Infra 526,257 Tech 216,702 Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.412 Nukes: 923 Stock Markets: 62 SDI: 42 MP: 53 WRC: 14 Active wars: 85 Offensive: 62 Defensive: 23 Nukes Thwarted 164 Direct Hits 154 Anarchy: 21 Peace Mode: 46 -135,061 NS since beginning of the war about 1589 NS lost per war, respectable but if they want to have a bigger impact on their front against IRON they need to get their upper tier into the war. Among their top 40 nations only 14 are in war mode and only 10 of those are in active wars. If only 14 nat
  6. Hey, could we get war stats on my ally CCC?

  7. On 12/2/2011 at 11:29:18 PM the Ruler "Moose Hole" of Coldy Was the first FARK nation to declare war on the New Pacific Order, his noble reason "Auntie and uncle in Bel-air" no doubt carries with it a deep symbolism to him. As in the last war I plan on giving detailed stats on alliances and analysis on that data as dispassionately as I can, I hope you enjoy. Here Are the initial numbers for FARK, FAN, and NPO FARK Nations: 246 NS: 13,941,587 ANS: 56,673 Score: 51.69 Infra 1,972,889 Tech 990,542 Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.502 Nukes: 3,546 Stock Markets: 197 SDI: 145 MP: 165
  8. [quote name='Saniiro Matsudaira' timestamp='1320700199' post='2841249'] Congrats on the most wonders gained per member, GATO. [/quote] ha, thanks dude even more excited about the +3k ans and the 69k tech in the last 2 months
  9. You know im just yanking your chain hit me up on #gato, in a be in aussieland for 6 months
  10. [quote name='Ironfist' timestamp='1311255329' post='2760486'] Aye, but I only weigh 150 pounds. The conversion is on the house. A man of a calibre as high as yours surely knows basic [i]science[/i], correct? Also what is GATO doing over there? You guys have dropped huge amounts of people from the AA but that score isn't budging. [/quote] Im not sure what calibre is but I'm sure and your [i]science[/i] will figure it out Ghost busting but growing enough to maintain the score and keep maintaining NS. Up 4k ANS in 16 days and 450k total NS in a month, none to shabby
  11. [quote name='Ironfist' timestamp='1311217284' post='2760191'] If you're not getting drunk after 9 beers I'd say there's a more pressing issue with your liver than there is with your dignity. Do we get a sober update tonight? :v [/quote] my liver is better than yours, its stronger, about the consistency of a hockey puck, combine that with how all the spots make a camo-intestine. 9 beers? and you call yourself an Aussie.
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