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  1. Legion are paying for mistakes made near the beginning of the game four years ago. Also amusing that you want the criticism of Athens to stop, considering your stance on Legion.
  2. The NPO didn't do this with Legion, and that was, I suppose, the natural end of GWIII.
  3. I never got threatened with ZI, but I did have to apologize in an attempted humiliating way. It's all relative. A paper cut is no less annoying now even if we broke our leg two years ago.
  4. Ginger ale or Watermelon juice.
  5. I;ve done a couple of fan fictions. One was a Dalek on Stargate Atlantis and one was Harry Flashman in the Lord of the Rings.
  6. no, I don't want to assume 1 and 2 are correct. Thanks. God is not omniscient- he only became so in the New Testament- he admits to mistakes in the old. And he admits to being unrighteous at least once.
  7. there will be no integration of technology into the body until some kind of 'continuing' purchase model becomes possible. The tech will need to be 'reboosted' or will need a 'battery pack'. Nobody manufactures any 'item for life'.
  8. I just checked. There is no God. Awfully sorry.
  9. Needs an 'how the hell would I know?" option.
  10. Hymenbreach

    And It Begins...

    I may be short and simple, but at least I visited your damn blog.
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