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  1. for Steve? shouldn't you say for Alpha...
  2. we have Her Majesties response... [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  3. yay to us, long live the Queen, and by Queen i mean Chim......
  4. (≧ω≦) best wishes friends
  5. normally i refrain from these threads, but oddly i felt i needed to leave a gift....
  6. congratulations friends, Sparta is a mighty fine ally
  7. a boost of the ego is always welcomed though, even if not needed... anyhow as what was already said; when it comes down to it for all of us, it is a personal choice. we are not promised anything other than an incredibly eclectic and active community.
  8. Congrats TSK, no doubt a difficult decision for you. best luck to both parties moving forward.
  9. sad to see friends, best luck to you guys
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