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  1. p all of them in red who have an upper tier
  2. It all comes down to activity and I don't know which one is more active, each one seems like a bit of a shell (to an outsider).
  3. Banksy

    Ad Hominem

    I think SCY is a big offender with this too (if it's not you SCY, apologies).
  4. i assumed this was another roq blog.
  5. I agree that the terms in BiPolar were too large. When we were creating a tech formula at the time, we didn't appreciate how much tech we were demanding. We waived 40k or something towards the end when we got friendly but for TOP it was too much tbh.
  6. Bets on who it is anyone?

  7. Banksy


    Os has certainly done a bang up job as Sec-gen, however the efforts that led to ODN's progress from pariah began a long time before Os took the reins. Arguably it was the efforts of Arsenal, Joracy and others (incl. myself...not trying to sound arrogant or anything but I also put alot of work into laying that groundwork) that laid the groundwork for that. ODN's govt has always been a team effort no matter who was at the helm.Os's efforts to build on that base have nevertheless been impressive, and if the only reason he got 'pushed' out is his length of tenure then it is pretty sad way to repay him for his efforts. Joracy had nothing to do with anything that had a positive effect on the ODN.
  8. I hear people just store their nukes in a rusty shed. They're also really easy to move about unnoticed due to their light weight, and simple to deploy because of their lack of a security system. Those statistics in the OP are also frightfully incorrect.
  9. Readers of Rebel Virginia are amongst the most informed consumers of media in America.
  10. Oh, I also have no reason not to believe Zog etc. It looks odd, but it's probably because it isn't a very high quality picture.
  11. Essentially that site is crap. It works by looking at the rate at which the image deteriorates with each save, and then assumes that areas that deteriorated the most have been shopped. Naturally, this doesn't work very well with poor quality images in the first place (like this one, it must have been scanned at some point as it was 1993 when it was taken). That picture was also a PNG and the site claims to work with Jepgs. PNG provides a better quality image. I would go into further details, but the best way to demonstrate it is by going into photoshop, altering pictures in certain places yourself and then testing it using that site. The results will be fairly inconclusive.
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