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  1. Why do your posts always make me laugh? And at the worst times too.
  2. Ok, I was wrong on the tech. That's called a mistake, not a lie. No matter how much you pine. I never said you received more cash, I said you received more aid. Blah blah blah posturing.
  3. You've also recieved 150 tech and 4000 soldiers. What about that tactic commonly used by your "opponents" (lol) when they know they are in the wrong? Congrats, I'm sure you fought them all by yourself.
  4. Also, nice move Penky at forgetting to mention that you've received more aid then Damsky.
  5. Penkala needs to get to a decent NS before bragging about fighting anyone. I'd love it if he did something about it and hit me, but that would require him to actually put work into his nation and grow.
  6. 32 deaths over the course of a decade? Not that I'm saying any death isn't significant, but I feel like there are...better wastes of Congress' time then drop down baby cribs. Drinking causes way more deaths then that each year, and it isn't illegal. Anymore. Cars cause deaths too.
  7. "People might think I'm smart if I blog about this" ...yeah
  8. One good fight is usually all it takes. Not that that always ends well.
  9. People will bring up whatever PR points they can grab at the time, regardless of how out of date they are. It happens.
  10. This man is full of win.
  11. Gamemaster1

    Omni vs. Timlee

    Poll is null, doesn't have magicninja.
  12. At least we all can take relief in that he's actually read the original. I have to say, for a ripoff that was pretty darn good.
  13. Purple isn't united? Who knew? Oh wait...
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