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  1. Yeah. I played for a few weeks.

  2. Hey did you play ToG?

  3. "FEROCIOUS IRON WILL" made me smile.
  4. It's a good idea but far too many of those recipes use factory-processed ingredients. You'll get much better nutrition and taste if you use more fresh ingredients.
  5. I was hoping this wouldn't be Rebel Virginia pulling an AUT but when I read, "Now I hate to pull an AUT here, but .." my brain's self-defense mechanisms kicked in and refused to read further. I apologize for offering a pyramid quote opportunity.
  6. It's healthy for CN that new alliances continue to spring up but there is a Darwinian part of me that thinks that we should only put effort into alliances whose leaders have grasped the basic rules. We're not really doing them a favor by encouraging them if we don't think they have a reasonable chance of survival and, let's face it, the survival rate isn't very high. I'm all for helping people but there's no virtue in delaying the inevitable.
  7. As an individual fighter, the best was the UJP war. It's the only war I've been on the losing side in so far, but fighting against the odds is much more satisfying than dogpiling. The worst war is any war that I wasn't involved in. I'm less emotional about the collective (alliance & allies) point of view so the "best" one is usually the most recent victory.
  8. I don't understand what "perfect in power and righteousness" means. I haven't seen any indication that a god or gods exist so I can only conceive the phrase in relation to humans or other animals. Help me understand by telling me which people or animals can be described as "perfect in power and righteousness" so I can put it into perspective.
  9. Voted Haflinger because Alterego makes me smile sometimes.
  10. I'm guessing he'll stay there a while. He seems to be happy and having fun and, most importantly, he isn't whining. It's when you see someone whining that you start to think that their time in their current (sad) situation is coming to an end. Who can blame them for seeking out a little joy?
  11. You open with the phrase "Why I fight for the Legion" but your entry boils down to: "I fight for Legion because I'm a member of Legion". You could substitute any other alliance for "Legion" and it would give the same message. It would be more interesting if you said why you like Legion more than any other alliance.
  12. Hello there my old tech-dealing pal.

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