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  1. Welcome back or something.

  2. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1311382382' post='2761623'] So basically you're raiding them because they wanted us to protect them instead? We were literally in the process of writing up the agreement. Literally. [/quote] Write faster.
  3. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1310859172' post='2757422'] I'm not challenging anyone, I have no reason to as stated above, I am not the one with something to prove. However I also stated I would have no problem fighting someone 1v1 so if Mr. Malones has something to prove and attacks me, then it will not expand beyond a 1v1 scope from my end. [/quote] Dude, just stop. Seriously.
  4. [quote name='Bob Janova' timestamp='1310678504' post='2756243'] Maybe not, but I certainly [i]can[/i] expect every raiding alliance to have read the treaty threads, and raiders to check with their alliance before attacking. NG were lucky this time in that the raiding was 'unofficial' and they could brush it off, but raiding a protected AA results in reps, and ignorance is not an excuse. If you attack an alliance because you didn't read their treaty list, that's your fault, not theirs. [/quote] Or, you know, you could put 3 words in your bio rather than expecting every alliance to set up in
  5. [quote name='Zombie Glaucon' timestamp='1310441598' post='2754680'] Searching for "NAAC protected" and "NAAC protector" found me a relevant post in about 5 seconds. Internet is pretty hard. [/quote] Put. It. In. Your. Bio. We are not doing a dozen keyword searches on the forums because you're too lazy to type "Protected by XXX" in your bio or wiki. Yes, if there's a recent announcement (or even not-so-recent announcement) we may remember it. But if we don't that's too bad. You can't expect every raider to have read all of the thousands of threads posted here. You're saying that every new
  6. [quote name='Jaymjaym' timestamp='1309503152' post='2745771'] 3 Orders and somehow none of them want to play nice together. [/quote] It's because they're all !@#$.
  7. [quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1309300191' post='2743679'] Ok.. so real question. I hear there are these 2 alliances.. called FoA and KoN... whats say you, us , and NG have us a raiding party? [/quote] I'm still watching.
  8. This thread is sad on so, so many levels. And the replies are just as bad as the OP. Go away. All of you.
  9. [quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1308342770' post='2733207'] Don't worry, we'll invite all the ex-Synergy members to put their boots on your throat when we're done with you. I agree with you completely. [/quote] I can't wait.
  10. [quote]In retrospect, Synergy did accomplish something though. ... We have learned ... how to handle the dynamics of an ever changing community...[/quote] [quote]However time, change, and the flux of the world as we know it moved on so did the concepts, the dreams, the hopes. Today is a sad day as Synergy couldn't meet our expectations, live up to our dreams, and provide for our hopes.[/quote] Apparently you [i]didn't[/i] learn how to handle change. The only thing you accomplished was to prove that, despite how terrible SF is, they still had the capability to beat you like the red-headed
  11. [quote name='Bob Ilyani' timestamp='1308084613' post='2731369'] The secret clause of the RoK-PC peace treaty is finally revealed Best of luck. Hopefully the animosity we held with members of PC dies with the alliances name. [/quote] It won't. I hope your alliance burns. Again.
  12. 16:54:53 (Penkala) 2 worst alliances in PB merge, then Penkala joins. 16:54:55 (Penkala) absolute !@#$.
  13. [quote name='Drai' timestamp='1306682297' post='2720008'] Cager, I think I have your new diplomatic assignment. [/quote] I sure hope so...
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