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  1. Welcome back or something.

  2. So basically what your side is saying is that you give up and that we win the game? Awesome.
  3. I know you're just trolling and all, but with a highly advanced military like the U.S. has, most of the work is maintenance. At any given time, roughly half of our ships are under maintenance. Aircraft take multiple hours of maintenance for every hour of flight time even if nothing breaks. Most countries don't HAVE to have many because WE have them. For example, Japan doesn't need 3 or 4 carriers because we have them. Aircraft carriers (along with the support ships) bring resources to bear and so it's not that odd to see one helping out Japan. As for having a presence in world affairs, that
  4. That's pretty much what I got too. Listen, Kingzog, as far as I see it you have 3 choices: 1) Your allies really *are* in a bad place, at a stalemate, against NPO. And you're refusing to help them -- punishing your friends in a petty attempt to turn them against CSN. 2) You lied, your allies are not in a bad place (Which, by the way, consensus from the DH members I discussed that with was that your statements are untrue and that they are doing just fine), and you were making it up in an attempt to make CSN look bad. 3) In a period of a few days, DH somehow made a major breakthrough in the
  5. I'm fairly sure we've gotten our answer. You were full of it in your blog post and you've just showed that to the world.
  6. And i'd like to note that the ad hominems are not strengthening your argument. Grow up, Kingzog.
  7. I'm in VE, not CSN, and I have as much of a right to call you on your lies and BS as the next guy. Which is what I'm doing here. If your ally was honestly in so much trouble and you really wanted to help them, and now the only obstacle has been removed... Why aren't you helping them? Unless you were twisting the facts of the situation to make CSN look bad. But you'd never ever do that, would you?
  8. To help FAN. Who they care very much about and are obviously going to help out, rather than be petty and try to continue to "punish" their allies. Right? Uh, you do realize they have peace now, right? So they're literally not in an eternal war. Period. End of discussion. Not debatable.
  9. Standing offer's been on the table for months. It's a shame you won't take it.
  10. If they do, I'm happy. If they don't, they're liars.
  11. No, actually, when they originally said that they were fully aware of the circumstances since this was, like, one week ago. Do try to keep up.
  12. Well, no... They said they'd help out on NPO once peace was achieved for DT.
  13. I'm just wondering. Since apparently they were itching to pull that trigger and were ready and all but just needed the DT conflict to be ended. Then they had hours of notice that it was completed before update (but given DT's tendency to back out of agreements, I don't blame them for waiting for the OWF post.) How hard can it be to type up a DoW? Also, I'll never die. Ever. Deal with it.
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