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  1. Over the 4 years in CN I've seen my share of forced disbandments and some of those I had a small hand in and not so happy about. Each alliance is their community, and no other alliance or nation has the right to destroy that community. No matter what a person thinks of the alliance they are forcing out it's just not right to do. Force an alliance to disband is only asking for it in the long run as there is many parts of CN history that show that. I hope that those trying to impose such actions on an alliance or alliances start realizing that what goes around comes around and will come back to
  2. Well for once it looks like Liz got on the same page with the rest of us. Hmm...
  3. We haven't abandoned them. We're still here and we're still fighting. Hacking? It could of been just as much a person with mod rights taking those screenshots. So until you actually no for sure it was hacked it's kind of up in the air as to the means they came from. And as far as the information of those screenshots, they only confirmed what people and some of your fellow members were saying already out in OWF about not liking the reps. It's not like I went to extremes of extorting tech from your alliance. I offered a way for your government to step and do what all of their allies have been as
  4. Sure it's negotiating if you want things to go down instead of going up, and you had additional days of attack happening as well. Like anyone would want to pay out more have less to pay it with. Sorry it don't work that way. I'm glad you don't need pitty. The reason the offer went from 30k to white peace was simple. Your gov walked out. When you do that it takes any offers off the table. No matter who put them up there to be agreed on. If a person needs to think about it they say so and talks continue later after the alliance has talked about it and comes back with either agreeing to them o
  5. Look we haven't hacked you. If I find out that a member did then it will be his head. At the same time I wasn't on line at the time of postings on CN forums and didn't see them out there. I did see one that was sent to me via irc that showed what your fellow members were thinking and wanting to have happen. To use OOC information would be to take an IP address and hunt a person down outside of the game or bring outside personal content or information about nation into the game. To read a screenshot and see what people are saying is not OOC. So if people have an issue that has gone OOC and
  6. Cause I was taking petty on CSN and was giving them a chance to make it right with their membership on what they wanted let alone what most of CN wanted to have happen. Now if Goose would of come up with a counter after us offering up the White Peace then that would be called negotiating and finding middle ground to get this over with. But instead walks out. Huh? I'm using the same logs you are. Everyone has seen them in their entirety. Quote to me where you said in the first negotiation that you wouldn't peace out without LoSS? Quote me where LoSS's peace was mentioned in the counter
  7. I wasn't there to make a mention in that snip-it of logs. And Titan isn't a strong FA person and didn't put it out there in a way that CSN would understand. As I'm more the FA person and he's more the War part. So yeah it was a failure to fully get that point across get everyone on the same.
  8. Here go read my post of the full logs in this blog. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=328&showentry=2694
  9. We didn't even get a chance to talk about LoSS and getting to that point since we couldn't even come to something that shows an actual valid agreement that people were going to accept. Let a lone the fact that CSN had already offered LoSS white peace and it was a standing agreement to them to take, but wouldn't due to TIO still at war.
  10. And when the war is done, then wars are done. If a member of DT wanted to continue attacks when the war is done and not follow orders then he may have to pay for not listen.
  11. xR1 has been a member of ours for several months, and you can easily find that out in his application thread on our forums. So he's not no ghost.
  12. What OOC information? No one has presented me with anything that is OOC. If anyone would like to provide that to me and look to have help in trying to find whoever did what that was OOC then I'd gladly do my part. I don't believe in that crap and would do what was needed to help. It's no need of yours to know what my allies are doing or not doing.
  13. Sorry no I didn't threaten to ZI anyone. If one of the members did that is his right to do so. It's a game and people can attempt to ZI people. We have no ZI list or care to carry one. So even when the war is over and the ZI didn't happen then well I guess people didn't do a good enough job and the guy fighting against it did a great job in doing so. And people go their merry way.
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