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  1. [quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1353008628' post='3052924'] I'm not buying this. I can't speak for TPF, but I seriously doubt they would let an MDP level ally get rolled because one of their members is pissed at who is actually in charge and starts causing problems for his alliance. So the only alliances who would roll all of UE the moment HoT launched his little crusade would be ones who seriously want to trigger a massive war over what is honestly a pretty silly affair. Doubly silly since GATO is also an MDP ally of TPF. Which is why I find the chest thumping a little schizophrenic. [/quote] I will not elaborate, but rest assured that TPF would be well, well justified in any action they chose to take under those circumstances and I would not blame them.one bit.
  2. [img]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110830055508/cybernations/images/0/07/Ponyflag_candidate1_announcementsize.jpg[/img] Greetings. I am Magicman657, Princess Regnant of United Equestria. It has come to my attention that a few individuals took it upon themselves to try and harm our wonderful little alliance. It is true that the alliance has struggled lately due to several unfortunate personnel losses and it's been difficult to try to plan around that. However, UE is not dead and we do not tolerate attempts to violate the sovreignty of the alliance. What you need to know is the following: #1, I am still the rightful leader of the alliance and I will continue to act in such capacity until such a time as I see fit to appoint a replacement (which if or when that would happen would be accompanied by an official public statement here). #2, Shimanaka (IRC - Benzene) is no longer a member of United Equestria. For all intents and purposes, Benzene is now considered an enemy of United Equestria for treasonous acts against the alliance. His actions are to be considered as that of a rogue. #3, Herooftime55 (IRC - Celly) has not been a member of United Equestria for quite some time. He was removed many weeks ago due to a completely different set of circumstances relating solely to the operation and security of the alliance. Herooftime55 is NOT a member and is certainly not Princess of UE despite any claim made otherwise. For all intents and purposes, Herooftime55 is now considered an enemy of United Equestria for violating the sovreignty of the alliance. Due to the widespread implications of their actions, it should be noted that UE, along with Argent, TPF, and GATO have reserved the rights to lay waste to the nations owned by both Shimanaka and Herooftime55. I do not know what the future of UE holds. I wish very much for the spirit of our alliance to remain alive and well, and I will enact whatever plans given our circumstances will help us in that regard. Other than that, I make no promises. All I can say is that I will continue to do my best to act in the best interests of both our alliance and our allies, whom have all been wonderfully supportive during these difficult times. Sincerely, Magicman657 Princess Regnant of United Equestria
  3. Dragons and ponies: The two most awesome creatures to ever exist. A more deadly yet friendly combination there exists not.
  4. [center][img]http://www.64digits.com/users/HeroofTime55/ponyflag_candidate1_announcementsize.png[/img] An Official Announcement from United Equestria[/center] United Equestria prides itself on providing tech deals to all of our friends and allies, so it has been our policy to try and restrict tech dealing to a very specific list of alliances so that there are enough deals for everyone and as such, our members are discouraged from sending or accepting aid offers to or from anyone who is not a member of an alliance on our whitelist. Such outside deals are viewed as "under the table" and therefore no compensation for failure to complete the deal is guaranteed by UE. While this has been an internal practice for a while now, we feel it would be appropriate to formally codify this practice and announce it to the world. By the Royal Authority of the Princess Regnant, United Equestria enacts the [url=http://cybernations.64digits.com/ponies/index.php?topic=1393.0]following new policy[/url]: [quote]Any member of a non-approved alliance who sends unsolicited financial aid offers to member states of United Equestria, with the intent to initiate a tech deal or other financial transaction, will be considered to have made a donation to United Equestria. Each nation fitting the above description, and who makes unsolicited donations to member states of United Equestria, agrees and consents that they are making a charitable donation to said member states of United Equestria, regardless of any statements filed in the "Foreign Aid Reason" field or any preceding or subsequent unsolicited private messages, and that they neither expect nor demand any return of technology for their generous donations. This alliance policy overrides any unsolicited contracts offered by donor states, regardless of the agreement, explicit or otherwise, of United Equestria member states. A list of alliances approved for tech dealing may be found [url=http://cybernations.64digits.com/ponies/index.php?topic=467.0][HERE][/url]. Parties wishing to be added to the list of approved alliances may contact the Government of United Equestria with their application. Any accepted aid offers falling under this policy may be eligible for a refund at the discretion of United Equestria; Concerned individuals may post an application for review on our forums [url=http://cybernations.64digits.com/ponies/index.php?board=121.0][HERE][/url] [/quote] United Equestria takes no responsibility in informing every individual state outside of our borders, and trusts that interested foreign governments will perform the due diligence to inform their member states of our new policy. We apologize for any inconvenience, with the notice that United Equestria asserts that unsolicited offers of the pertinent nature are violations of our sovereignty, due to the noted impact they have on our normative economic functionality, and that we will not inhibit the operation of our financial actions and interactions to address wide-scale violations of our sovereignty. Thank you for your time. [i]Signed, Magicman657, Princess Regnant HeroofTime55, Chancellor Legatus Equus, Minister of Love and Tolerance Corah Il Cappo, Minister of Foreign Affairs chachonimrod, Minister of Internal Affairs Chezik, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs [/i]
  5. [quote name='Roxas' timestamp='1329671220' post='2924083'] Magic has a pretty lame avatar >_> Needs more Ponies [/quote] Magus has been my avatar for longer than I can remember. However, I am inclined to agree. Your wish has been granted.
  6. I'll keep this as short and sweet as I can. It is my great honor to preside over the wonderful alliance that is United Equestria. Never in my CN career have I ever encountered such wonderful and caring people as I have here, and since August of last year I've done my best to help it grow. Herooftime has done amazing things for this alliance and we simply cannot thank him enough for his hard work. I will do my best to uphold the ideals that UE was founded on and bring our unique perspectives to all of CN so that one day everyone may come to know and love all things pony. With that, our current government is as follows: Princess Regnant: Magicman657 Princess Consort: Bacon God Chancellor: HeroofTime55 Royal Advisors: Kitsune, HeroofTime55, Amonisis Minister of Defense: Legatus Equus Deputy Minister of Defense: Zephyr Lite Minister of Foreign Affairs: Corah Il Cappo Minister of Internal Affairs: Chachonimrod Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Chezik o/ UE!
  7. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1327983609' post='2911291'] I'll do 9 mill (one slot for 3 cycles, 2 if they have an FAC) to the nation of your choice if United Equestria donates more, the same to the nation of my choice if MK donates more. [/quote] I will gladly throw up 9 mil of my own nation's cash in addition to whatever deal you strike with Herooftime if anyone would like to match me.
  8. [quote name='bros2' timestamp='1327975609' post='2911143'] As to which alliance raises more? 200 is a rather low bet. [/quote] Our Glorious Leader (o7) is actually funding that bet entirely out of his own nation's pocket. Perhaps their leaders could do the same?
  9. Now that the war is over, Sparta is welcome to have some of our actual baked goods; no more baked bads, we promise! [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-koJ2gPg6uas/TZ3eBPY872I/AAAAAAAAAOI/7vvl8DPoLJw/s1600/1xqddsx937brhckgogk.png[/img]
  10. I've been seeing this little message come up when I attempt to visit a bunch of the topics in the Boiler Room. I'm using Google Chrome. Is this a legitimate concern / do we have any idea why that might be coming up? [IMG]http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h260/Magicman657/Cyber%20Nations/boilerroom.png[/IMG]
  11. [quote name='Pingu' timestamp='1323750134' post='2876139'] I'm not sure anyone thinks you will easily be driven from the planet. It's just that much of the international community wants to hurt you. [/quote] That's ok, we still wub them.
  12. I'm not sure I understand why everyone seems to think that someone attacking us would automatically make us leave CN. You can't make our alliance disappear because our alliance is made of friends that like ponies, not infrastructure.
  13. [quote name='Roxas' timestamp='1323582594' post='2873345'] Should of been called Epic Cupcake Time >_> Anyways go get them [/quote] You're lucky I think of everything. [IMG]http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h260/Magicman657/photoshop/pinkie-bacon.jpg[/IMG]
  14. It's not my fault that my blogs end up getting so popular This probably gets more attention than the thread though since the link is always visible on the side (because apparently very few people write blogs anymore :\) Instr, you have some valid points. I'd still say that both player retention and obtaining them are important, though, and that's what matters. We could debate the semantics of which matters more but ultimately you're going to need both things for the game to thrive as it once did. I whole heartedly agree that the tech issue is more important than the wonder issue. I brought up both points though because I wanted to show two things- that seniority affects more than just 1 part of the game, and that the problems are fundamentally different in nature. The wonders affect the "grinding" period of the game. As it stands, to have them all collected takes a minimum of 2.5 years, which means it will take that amount of time for a new player to be "equal" to an older player (at least in that specific regard). I mentioned that because out of all the game's I've played, 2.5 years just for the grinding period of the game seems ridiculously long to me. For example, if I were to play a game like Diablo 2 and grind a character up to level 99, it would take no more than a few months, not years. Of course just getting to 99 isn't the entirety of the game (as then you still need to find loot for your character), nor is is 100% necessary, but to have a truly equal duel between two players they'd both need to be the same level. With that in mind, that's why I proposed removing the wonder clock because it would turn that nasty 2.5 year grinding phase into something closer to 1 year. Of course, an alternative (that I don't necessarily agree with but for the sake of argument) if we want to adjust this grinding phase would be to keep the clock but make it like 15 or 20 days instead of 30. However, the grinding period isn't the REAL problem. The most brutal part of CN is the tech system because it creates shifting goalposts. Meaning, that no matter how long a nation grinds for (even an infinitely long period of time), a new nation will NEVER be able to get higher NS than me as long as I keep importing tech every 10 days. In fact, because being able to buy nukes relies on being in the top x percentage of nations, there will eventually be a point where it's FASTER to buy all the wonders in the game (thus having a manhattan project) than to hit that 10% (or whatever it currently is; I don't know off the top of my head). This makes grinding NS a progressively longer task every day that goes by as the average NS of nations will continue to rise and it will make a new nation take that much longer just to reach a mildly decent NS. That's why I keep coming back to this idea of design. While there's only so much we can do outside of the game as far as players are concerned, we CAN control the way the game is built, and the best thing we can do is to make it as attractive as possible by analyzing the design flaws and figuring out how to redesign each system in the game so that CN becomes more fun and fair for everyone.
  15. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1316208931' post='2801767'] If you've been on the same network even once the flag stays. Using the same phone network doesn't guarantee a flag, but the pool of IP's handed out is probably smaller than that of an ISP's, making getting the same one more likely. If you have reason to believe that you've been flagged at any point, don't risk trading as a second offense may be met with deletion instead of just a canceled trade. [/quote] Is it really reasonable for us to be expected to know every single place we've ever logged into for 4+ years? I know I don't and I have the same concerns as the OP- I think I might have once been on the same network as my friend who is out of state at college and I really don't remember if that actually happened. Yet I'd like to be able to trade with him for reasons of convenience and security to my alliance. It would be really helpful if we could see some kind of indicator BEFOREHAND that says "Do not trade or aid with this nation", which shouldn't be difficult if all of the ips are actually logged.
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