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  1. nobody has settled on an actual widely accepted war name since bipolar don't call it anything
  2. It's a valid choice in a roundabout way. Psy can be seen as a result of the 21st century global internet society. A South Korean song goes all over the world. Meaningless when taken with no context, in context, it is part of the most incredible transformation in human history.
  3. hey remember when you said no comments = no friends

    im apparently the last friend you had

  4. It's a dynamic link. I used to have one during the PB-Orders war so that I could wear all of the propaganda sigs I liked at the same time.
  5. i chained my last bike to a no parking sign somebody pulled the sign out of the ground somehow and then stole my bike
  6. umbrella will truly never recover from this period of reduced growth
  7. well that'll teach you to clean up when you rub one out
  8. ktarthan is a stupid !@#$%^& therefore the op is wrong
  9. studying history brings a lot of geography practice with it Paradox games are also great for this but if you don't like strategy games you won't like them at all. HoI2 in particular helped a lot but I sometimes call things by their colonial names because the game has pre-WW2 names and not the names that countries changed to after independence (Rangoon, Bombay, etc.) alternatively just look at maps a lot
  10. good point nippy i hope deinos's pip features a brontosaurus dong
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