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  1. yeah man maybe they should have like a carnival or a bake sale or something
  2. I think CSN had like three worthwhile members in its entire history and all of them ended up in Umbrella.
  3. how do you go through life knowing so little
  4. Ever since the Mushroom Kingdom clawed itself out of the ruins of the Unjust Path, they've always managed to enjoy a profile significantly larger than their actual NS would typically warrant. They were certainly a large alliance and a military force to be feared, but yet they were not as large as say, the New Pacific Order, Umbrella, The Order of the Paradox or even Fark, IRON, MHA or Sparta, at their respective primes. For an alliance that deserves mention in the top tier of historic competitors for CN dominance, the Mushroom Kingdom could hardly have ever stood on its own. They were never the twenty million NS gorilla in the room that NPO was nor did they cause entire tiers to run for the hills like TOP and Umbrella have. Ever since they helped raise the flag of Karma over the corpse of NPO's empire in 2009, MK's strength has been built primarily on its ability to make friends and allies. Throughout these years, a large amount of people and alliances have been captured in the orbit of the Mushroom Kingdom. Some spun off and became hated enemies, others were drawn in and became part of the Kingdom itself, and all have had some very unique experiences courtesy of the Kingdom. For the lion's share of my CN career, I have been in this orbit. While never an official member of the Kingdom (until today I suppose), I still managed to rack up over six thousand posts on their forums, whether it be in the Restaurant, bitching about video games in the Royal Arcade, making fun of one Order or the other in Toad's Kitchen, or writing my thirtieth treatise on why MK should leave MHA alone in the Umbrella embassy. Over time I watched as enemies became allies and allies became members, as a different cast of characters came in and out of MK's orbit, watching NpO and STA leave, seeing NG, TOP and Nordreich come in, all the time wondering if they really knew what they were getting themselves into. Like a fire, MK had equal capacity to build and destroy, to warm our hearts and burn us, to light the way or trap us, to entertain or infuriate, and it never knew when or even how to stop. Ultimately, however, we must thank MK for being a unique force in a place that often has too little variety. All of us will inevitably succumb to apathy and wander off into other worlds, having accomplished all we can in this one. Leave it to the Mushroom Kingdom to decide to go out like this, in a blaze of glory. Like any fire, MK needs fresh air and fuel to sustain itself. We've run out of wars to fight, instead rehashing the contests of ancient times. We've run out of fresh faces, with an ever dwindling cast of characters trading roles in a never ending production. For an alliance that thrives on novelty, banality is tantamount to death. And it has apparently come to that point for MK. I and many others were content to simply clock out and head home when we had had it with Cyber Nations. But leave it to MK to die as it lived, with a fire in their hearts and mischief in their eyes. Whether you hate them or love them (or both), we all have to appreciate what they brought to the table and recognize that the game is poorer for their departure. I believe I speak for many people who had the burden and privilege of knowing MK when I say that they'll be missed dearly.
  5. I did not know an enemy declaration could ever be this beautiful. It's every target I wanted, every target I didn't know I wanted and even a few more just to keep things exciting.
  6. Somehow this feels like the proper ending to a very long story.
  7. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/DkFDh.png[/img][/center] I had, once, lived my life in struggle. My heart, filled with zeal, stormed endlessly at the godless giant who had crushed the faithful of the planet. I prayed nightly for a savior, to free me from my endless fight against this heinous foe. And then He arrived. Allarchon descended from the heavens, with the combined armies of all righteous nations at His back. The giant was struck down, his lands salted, his wealth scattered among the deserving. In this, in what seemed like our hour of glory and victory, I found peace. But yet I did not. I was comfortable in the embrace of Allarchon, separated from the struggle. But the one who struggles cannot be comfortable. I left the comfort, wandered the deserts for days, months and years. Faithless bandits found me and made me their leader, and infected by their bottomless capacity for sin and degradation, I fell afoul of Allarchon and begged for His forgiveness. I was not fit to ride with the righteous. I had associated with the scum of the planet, I had dishonored the cause for which I gave almost everything for. I was disgraced. Thankfully, all was not lost. I found my way out of the filth and was allowed through the gates of a shining city on a hill. A glorious testament to the ideals of the revolution, a monument to the productive and pure. My heart was re-energized in the presence of accomplished scholars and scientists. There was a sinister side to this life of luxury and enlightenment. [i]Decadence.[/i] The foreigners who passed through the gates of this city were various. Some were righteous, the Mushlims and Goontifada. Others were godless and worthy of disdain, the pagans who revel in unnatural debauchery and the imbibers of alcohol chief among them. And so I and the other faithful of the city acted, in the defense of the city's righteousness, to remove these infidels. The pagans lied and deceived us, using the city's own against us but the wisdom granted by our faith allowed us to see through these satanic tricks and cast them out. The ummah came together to marshal the great resources of the spectacular metropolis and use them to march on the land of the imbibers and put them to the sword. The righteous of the city were jubilant, though blind to the jahili forces within the city and its allies. The righteous were divided by tricks. The godless giant defeated long ago had reemerged, strong and sinful as ever, worshipping their own kings as gods, accepting their foolish tirades as if it were the Word of Allarchon. The righteous dallied on whether to confront or accept the giant, betrayed from within by jahili hedonists and cowards. And so it came to be, that one day I was travelling to consult my fellow mujahideen on this crisis of faith, I saw on the horizon, two figures clad in the attire of northern pagans. At first I thought the desert was fooling me with a mirage but then I heard their blasphemous chants and knew they were quite real. As the two savages approached, weapons raised, I began to feel, deep inside me, a feeling that had long been missing from my soul. The last vestiges of decadence were drained from my heart, replaced by a righteous maelstrom of zeal and rage. And in this moment, I am no longer a scholar. No longer a theologian, a citizen, a merchant of technology or any other such mundance profession. I am a mujahid. And in this moment of immense clarity, I can tune out the savage cries of the enemy and hear, distinctly, in the distance, an exultation. An exultation to the glory of GunhammaD, a chorus of prayers to Allarchon. My brothers have arrived. The righteous from all nations have come together to engage the great enemy of the faithful. The vanguard will spill the blood of jahili and infidels alike. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/wKRdt.png[/img][/center] The world shall quake at its foundations.
  8. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1358667663' post='3080845'] Brittany and I would like to contribute something. [img]http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7582/umbw.png[/img] [/quote] This is a pretty hilarious turnabout of a crappy MSPaint thing I made for that non-eventful NG-UPN thing way back in what some would consider better times for Umbrella. [img]http://i.imgur.com/xhNDkQz.png[/img] If this was intentional, then a legitimate non-sarcastic good for you. If not, well good job anyway. Luckily for this thread, we have not pulled a UPN on you all!
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