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  1. [quote name='Haflinger' timestamp='1306501532' post='2718964'] All you need now is for someone to send Hadrian 6M in aid [/quote] Brilliant idea! [i]"Roll up! Roll up! Free war with NSO!"[/i] Would help with the bill payments too, extending my nation's livelihood just that day or so longer.
  2. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1306505732' post='2718987'] A Ramirus follower.[/quote] Not really. I don't agree with nor support most of Ramirus' previous actions, but he certainly had the right idea in mind when he began chopping down Gramlin treaties. Sadly, he didn't take it far enough. Case in point: Harmlins Accords.
  3. [quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1306503375' post='2718972'] Did not read. [s]Probably [/s Definitely]a bad idea if Hadrian is involved. Can someone peace out one of his defensive slots now so I can get in on the fun?[/quote] I have a FOK raider and Charlie boy taking up my other two slots. Needless to say, I've been ignoring their peace offers. [quote name='Johnny Apocalypse' timestamp='1306504010' post='2718977'] People might've taken this more seriously if you weren't such a joke.[/quote] Whether they take it seriously or not is a 'meh' case. The whole objective of this thing is to
  4. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1306495114' post='2718936'] I really hope that this isn't that big thing you kept talking about, because if so, I'm sorely disappointed. [OOC]Also, the style in which you wrote the quoted part reminds me of NS WA resolutions.[OOC][/quote] Come now Hereno, this is nothing compared to what I've got cooking on other stoves. (OOC: Yep, that's where the inspiration comes from.) [quote name='Cobalt' timestamp='1306500073' post='2718959'] This is really dumb. Stop attention whoring[/quote] A. I'm not an attention whore. B. You're the one who comes in and r
  5. [quote name='Laslo Kenez' timestamp='1306494469' post='2718932'] Just because you can press the Start New Topic button doesn't mean you should.[/quote] Just because you can say something here doesn't mean you should.
  6. I wasn't aware that CGU and SF had been defeated and/or disintegrated.
  7. [quote name='Turin' timestamp='1306490062' post='2718928'] Hey psst, Hadrian....ChefJoe gave you the card. Ironchef was simply pointing and laughing. And here I was thinking you had already hit rock bottom....Guess i've been proven wrong [/quote] Oh, snap! I blame Chefjoe and ironchef for having similar names. Damn you to Hell.
  8. Allow me to present to you the fruits of an idea that has long been cooking on some random stove in some random corner of my rather unrandom mind. First, a little pre-amble, if you will. For what seems like millenia, the alliances of our world have operated on pathetic pieces of paper, allowing them to dictate to us our exterior actions, and even the format of some internal policies. I refer of course, to the abominations that are treaties. Many, if not all of you, will at this point denounce my speech as nothing more than the ramblings of a 'rogue'. I'm asking you to, for the sake of the fu
  9. [quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1306480830' post='2718904'] Impression of relevence maybe? [/quote] Whether I'm relevant or not is irrelevant in my eyes, I'm just doing what I wanna do. [quote name='ironchef' timestamp='1306482052' post='2718907'] I didnt know I was a member of any club with you. [/quote] Here's the thing: in order for one to be a member of any club or society, they must have that honour bestowed upon them by someone who is already a member of that club or society. Henceforth, you being the one that gave me that kool IdiotKlub membership card... [quote name='
  10. Hadrian

    May 26, 2011

    Syrian super-howitzers will be firing on those coordinates shortly. Thank you for your time.
  11. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1306354693' post='2718191'] Heh. As much negative forum PR as you've gained, and you haven't been nuked yet? I must say, I'm amazed.[/quote] And so you should be. [quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1306354987' post='2718194'] Hadrian, you remind me of Kevanovia with these past events. So if you want to quit the game, do it with a little more dignity and delete like Kevanovia did. You aren't helping yourself here. Especially if you want to continue to play in the future.[/quote] I don't wanna quit. And at least I never $%&@ed up [i]my[/i] intelligenc
  12. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1306348189' post='2718152'] [color="#0000ff"]I'm quite enjoying this actually. Granted in a few weeks you'll have become boring, as you'll doubtless still be singing the same song. Still, I'll savor the moments until then.[/color][/quote] Oh, is that so? Glad you're enjoying it then. We'll see about that. [quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1306348961' post='2718158'] An alliance by any real definition requires 2 people at the minimum. A single person will never constitute a group or a community since a group or a community is a plurality. You
  13. [quote name='ironchef' timestamp='1306346365' post='2718136'] Well you know what they say...... [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2076/2184475916_a08683c6a4.jpg[/img] [/quote] Made me chuckle. [quote name='youwish959' timestamp='1306346393' post='2718137'] Look more like parameters than guidance lines, as every other legitimate alliance seems to meet the parameters.[/quote] I'll say it one more time, they're not parameters. (OOC: They really aren't parameters. When he made the game, Admin had no clear way of defining what an alliance would be, so he made [i]guidance lines[/i] in
  14. [quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1306346171' post='2718132'] Well - everyone already knows this of me ... Get off Goldie's wagon .. In order to lose, you have to fail at your objective. If our objective was to come out of the wars with the better stats, then sure we would have lost .. However, in no case was this the case.[/quote] "Your objective" is pretty much irrelevant here. Statistically, you lost. Politically, you lost. As far as the wider world is concerned, you lost. It's all written as much, even on the (OOC:wiki). Of course, you will continue to believe that you won, "strategic
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