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  1. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1326320475' post='2897602'] somebody ass random LoSS member: so whats the deal with the doomhouse split?!?! ardus: WELL LETS START AT THE BEGINNING WITH GENMAY AND LUE [/quote] Sounds about right.
  2. [quote name='total perspective vortex' timestamp='1325545074' post='2890940'] And people speaking from personal experience always are worth listening to! MHAil! And cheers ODN, I had loads of fun getting one of your leaders into anarchy (yes, in a coordinated effort). And you guys took the nuclear virginity from my nation, a moment to never forget, even though that memory isn't the most pleasant one. Let's enjoy our well earned peace now! [/quote] "Well earned." This is more of a belated Christmas gift than something you earned.
  3. [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1325540189' post='2890824'] No reps, great PR move by [s]GATO, MK, ODN, TPE, TLR, NG, Umbrella, VE, TFD, Hooligans, and Alchemy[/s] MK and VE. This is a good start to positioning those that have been beaten down to be on your side against Mjolnir. [/quote] Everything is a conspiracy. Nice to see that's still the policy around here.
  4. [quote name='Jonathan Webb II' timestamp='1323328310' post='2868818'] come at us bro [/quote] Why would you say this in a declaration thread? We already did, idiot.
  5. [quote name='Vulpes Inculta' timestamp='1320341903' post='2837674'] Oh, my bad, I must have mistaken Vlad to actually have respect and decorum, even when he goes off on a rampage. [/quote] I'm glad to see that people will still try to make a big deal out of nothing. Vlad you have no HONOR.
  6. Sad to see IAA come to an end, but it's really for the best. Good luck to the members in finding new alliances.
  7. My $3,000,000 pledge is still on the table for rebuilding aid if you're going to send me that calendar.
  8. I will seriously send UPN $3,000,000.00 in exchange for a calendar. UPN please PM me with details.
  9. If we donate do we get a free calendar with pictures of the UPN members we saved on it?
  10. [quote name='Lukapaka' timestamp='1317231669' post='2810320'] The title is very misleading! One would think the team change is a much bigger change than a new government roster [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif[/img] [/quote] ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the very thought that team color matters i'm dying
  11. [quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1316553575' post='2804666'] I'm hoping this was a joke, because It sounds eerily similar to a quote made about a certain Polar-Pacifca treaty. Just saying. [/quote] WOOOSH
  12. James Wilson please keep on proving why you were a horrible choice for such a high level government job (in any alliance).
  13. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1316489614' post='2804215'] So now MK has a treaty with 4/5 of PB, interesting. [/quote] You are just the pinnacle of political commentary.
  14. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1316099188' post='2800876'] You imply my outrage was feigned. This is all due in part to those treacherous Mushreich scum who have infested MK's leadership. Mushqaeda will not stand for this slight! Deceivers and idolators, the lot of them. The Mushreich and their allies in the Southern Infidelegation (who have been using the Black Sphere as their own personal tech plantation) will suffer Allarchon's wrath. Allarchon is coming, CN, for he is the stallion that will mount the world. Fellow Mushlims, we're off to Jihad! [/quote] Try as you might to feign importance, the world knows the true strength of the Mushreich and accordingly trembles in fear. Return to the hole you crawled out of Mushqaeda scum; your time will come.
  15. When I heard about this I figured it was a joke. I was right.
  16. [quote name='conistonslim' timestamp='1316063418' post='2800743'] Says the guy who memorializes an officer run down by some retarded kid in the line of duty, yet defends a symbol that slaughtered 6m jews. [/quote] I have pored through the many books we have on Planet Bob's history in our national library and have found no references to such an event. What ever could you be referring to?
  17. Haha, microalliance drama is always great.
  18. Wow aren't you pathetic. So are you UPN but that's besides the point.
  19. [quote name='Ninja Colt' timestamp='1313302324' post='2780358'] All signee's of this treaty are categorically terrible fyi. [/quote] You're dumb fyi.
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