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  1. [center][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/b/bc/RIAFlagShadow4.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZK6gj.jpg[/img] [b]The Random Insanity Alliance and The Mushroom Kingdom (Hereafter "signatories") agree to assist each other by sharing information beneficial to the other signatory with them. Both signatories agree to work diplomatically to resolve any disputes that may spring up between one signatory and an ally of the other. In the event of military action involving one signatory, the other signatory is required to assist the other with their operation to the best of their strength and ability. In the case of hostilities or a general distancing between signatories, this treaty may be cancelled after 72 hours of notice from one signatory.[/b] Signatures for the Random Insanity Alliance: [u]Leo, (Ex?) Head of Foreign Affairs[/u] [u]cctmsp13, Viceroy Fire-Angel, Head of Strategic Planning[/u] Signatures for The Mushroom Kingdom: [u]ReytheGreat, Princess huh, Co-Pollmaster Mathias, Co-Pollmaster[/u][/center]
  2. I remember Vox (I actually joined CN in April '07, in case you're wondering). They were a good alliance, steadfast and loyal to the end. I think they draw interesting parallels to today's MK, in some ways.
  3. My prediction is that they'll very soon integrate into RIA and such and such. Like what happened before, like 1,000 times.
  4. All these nations have already been entirely anarchied. You just sacrificed part of your top tier, NPO. Not a good strategy. Why not grow some and fight an [i]actual[/i] war? Like you did when I was last active ('07-'09). My, how the mighty have fallen.
  5. All these treaties and treaty webs are both laughable and unfair. I think the best course of action would be an immediate revocation of all treaties by all alliances and the entry into a state of perpetual war. It's the best course of action, that the strongest may come out on top and not just those who hid under the wings of NPO (before 2009) and MHA (since 2009). Now I know this is radical but bear with me.
  6. Man I don't get any of this at all. CN's so confusing nowadays. In any case I support RIA in our new endeavor, whatever it is!
  7. [quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' timestamp='1304315870' post='2703914'] The first \m/ disbanded 19th September 2007. This \m/ came together as a merger of Internet Superheroes and Belair. Belair being mostly the alliance of RAD. [/quote] Has it really been that long? Wow :I
  8. I remember when /m/ disbanded the first time, post-Karma. Or was that when they were founded? No I think that was when they disbanded. Anyway good luck guys!
  9. Wait what's happening here? Is this related to the Karma war? I remember in the Karma war superfriends stomped NPO but this is just confusing, who's the doomhouse and when were they established
  10. How would I see it or figure it out? Can't y'all check in-game? Or what should I do, this is quite confusing. Let me tell you though- I only recently attempted to recreate the nation and it didn't let me; I must assume that it is the old nation somehow 'hanging around' as you say, whether as a bug or other circumstance. Could a mod please advise me as to further actions?
  11. Yeah :c So is there any solution? I don't want to have to change all of my CN-related account infos :CCC
  12. [quote]The user name Mansa Musa III is not available. Please try again.[/quote] :v
  13. Oh :CCCC Can I start a nation with the same name? The site doesn't seem to be letting me
  14. yeah about a year and a half ago maybe? IDK :c Can a mod please help me restore it?
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