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  1. Hi, Stewie! As the one who was probably closest with NG, the little episode years ago was a bit of a slap in the face to me. I don't mind the reps and I doubt NG cares much about them either.
  2. My apologies for the grave dig, but I may have to start playing the game again after a long hiatus. Glad to see this finally happen.
  3. I really, really like this alliance. Congrats, guys, especially to NE, QH and Pansy. Awesome merge. Best of luck.
  4. Congrats, NG. Though, someone will have to explain to me why Nettles didn't step into Stewie's trium position. #oldernotwiser
  5. Belated congratulatins to my friends in Olympus. Excellent news.
  6. Nicely said, Hal. [quote]Would that be like Mushroom Kingdom combining all the worst parts of NPO, GOONS, 1st ed., and the Sponge-era NpO and becoming that alliance? They've had quite the run the last month or so toward that endeavor as the evidence on the OWF shows. I might suggest they alter course, but then again, who am I to point out how close the shoreline is....[/quote]
  7. Sang, you and your alliance are outstanding; funnest part of the war for me. Good luck going forward.
  8. Wait, our forums were spied? Thank christ for our general inactivity. Vol Navy summed it up nicely: [quote]Really, it seems at this point most of MK aren't even denying it any more. Just saying that Roq is just as guilty as they were because he was in on it too. It's pretty much like he's betrayed the mafia at this point. Sure they were running a criminal empire, but that's not the problem. Spilling the secrets, that's the problem here. [/quote]
  9. I fully support NG's actions if, for no other reason, it produces a thread where numerous NG posters offer their pointed opinions on, e.g., moralists. Very enjoyable.
  10. [quote]I really don't see UPN becoming anything more than a small vassal state for NG in the future if that, so I don't think Robster can be considered Best Leader Ever, and he really didn't even have a choice or hand in the matter when his alliance got slammed into oblivion.[/quote] Wait, I thought I was the driving force behind UPN's efforts to vassalize with NG? Robster? Pfft. He's only good for drunken DoWs.
  11. [quote]Robster83 shall issue an apology [b][to BFF][/b] for his actions that led to the involvement of Blood For Friends on the UPN front of the conflict.[/quote] The bracketed language is how one would say that Rob owes an apology "to BFF". The terms do not say that. Nor was it requested of UPN during peace talks. But, look, if someone thinks otherwise, do something about it.
  12. [quote]Robster83 shall issue an apology for his actions that led to the involvement of Blood For Friends on the UPN front of the conflict.[/quote] The peace terms say only that he apologize and what for. He did that. And he did it to the proper party -- the party that requested the apology during peace talks. Anyone claiming otherwise is moron.
  13. [quote]We forgot how far up Polar's ass you really were[/quote] MDPs are MDPs. UPN F'd that up several years ago, and it cost a number of friendships we'll probably never get back. Never again. If we have an MDP, we're honoring it. Period. * * * I want all UPN posters done with this thread. Those posts only get in the way of the BFF show. Edit: grammar.
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