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  1. Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes - Because you don't hear so much about Ebola anymore, do you?
  2. I can't believe we had a monster like this in our community.
  3. Look man I dunno what to say here I'm just showing my support - I love the internet and I love Rey. Man this is awesome. So happy for you and sad for your loss.
  4. have you considered getting a puppy?
  5. i mean it's like i watch ONE soap opera a day, ONE. and if he comes home while i'm watching, he says "is that all you're going to do? Sit around and watch TV all day?" And I love to travel so I mentioned travelling... and the fianamces are NO problem. And he says he's done all the travelling he'd care to do when he was in the service.

  6. Oh PS --- I have to go go home to my father and get the bucket (for the bass!) out of the basement; thank-you for reminding me that I needed it :)

  7. I surely do hope that your offer fulfills all work safety and other regulations!

  8. just one string. when you pull it, you can hear a song sung by a philipino child.

  9. How many strings?

  10. i caught you a delicious bass.

  11. Get that sorted and I will be your still unravish'd bride of quietness (bit of poetry there for you, see if you appreciate it).

  12. my feet are smoking!

  13. I am the Sunni to your Shia, and will not hesitate to start a theological dispute over your unholy titles!

  14. Hi! Just your supreme ayatollah stopping in to say HI!

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