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  1. TO: Baron Zemo | FROM: Banned TYPE: Defeat Alert | DATE: 12/5/2020 12:00:06 AM Your nation has been defeated in battle. You do not have enough troops to defend your nation and your government has been thrown into Anarchy. You have lost all of your tanks, 44 spies, 358.53 infrastructure has been destroyed, 89.63 technology was lost and $5,000,000.00 of your money reserves was destroyed due to the invasion and resulting riots. What troops you did have deployed have also been returned home TO: Baron Zemo | FROM: Banned TYPE: Defeat Alert | DATE: 12/5/2020 12:00:03 AM Your na
  2. *Watches WC rush into a burning building, save everyone, and then run out* Hey everyone, look at WC running from that fire!
  3. If you wanna fight Oculus, be my guest. Not our job to fight your battles for you.
  4. Exactly who would Steeldor hit in that case?
  5. You guys put up one hell of a fight when we hit you, I'll give you that. No wait, that must've been another raid. My notes on NG read "Got hit, offered peace, cried a lot."
  6. I mean, you're welcome to have allies that aren't low-hanging fruit anytime you want I guess.
  7. Considering you just give that label out every time something doesn't go your way, but somehow it never seems to apply to you and yours for doing the same stuff, it doesn't really mean much coming from you.
  8. There's a section in the document on reasons. If we are at war with you, I'm sure we might convey those reasons with you in private if we decide.
  9. I think you confused us with neutrals. I use my loot in every future raid.
  10. Leaving vague terms so you can still make them impossible to comply with? You should be specific, set the number of champions so you can't later dump some number 3x KNB's membership. And set the number of rounds so everyone knows you're not going to come back later and declare the entire thing invalid on the grounds that one champion wanted 2 rounds and the other only wanted 1. You have flip flopped so much on everything, nobody trusts you to not wiggle your way around into more torture of KNB by denying that you ever said what you said because you left an ambiguity disclaimer in an otherwi
  11. Glad to see we could agree on this. #FreeFranz
  12. Yes, yes. "We accept your surrender" *turns* "shoot the prisoners". We all saw how it went down. No point arguing semantics Kapleo. If Johnny didn't respect you enough to consult you before he accepted surrender, that doesn't sound like an LH problem. It's how he treats all his allies really, he thinks he is a puppet master, but he's just a puppet. Anyway, good war all. Gratz on peace everyone.
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