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  1. Banned

    GATO Announcement

    Well said. Not sure what i can add to this. Thank you Tevron. I am grateful.
  2. Banned

    Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town

    This is good to see. o/ Pacifica o/ CLAWS
  3. Banned

    Happy Friday the 13th

    This is a really great idea. Props to making this a reality.
  4. Banned

    Another Micro War

    Oh, we're doing formal declarations for this now? Well damn.
  5. Banned

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    Made me think of this.
  6. Banned

    Da WAE

    Gratz on old age GATO
  7. Good lord that's a lot of autographs. Good fight GPA. Albeit still ongoing for another 3 weeks or so. Snicks is my favorite GPAer.
  8. Banned

    Merry Christmas!

    I mean, or you could actually sit down with them, get peace terms, and do it the normal way. Certainly, you do realize that NoR has no intention of letting you dictate your own terms of peace.
  9. Banned

    Merry Christmas!

    The question is does anybody who trespassed against you want peace?
  10. Banned

    The Last Jedi Accords

    This is hawt. I approve.
  11. Signing a treaty and retroactively activating it? Interesting.
  12. Banned

    SLAP Rides

    Suppose that depends on how you define a real war. If you're talking about what your rat pack does? No, I've never fought like that. I actually know how to play this game. Sweet! I look forward to an eternity of dancing. Please get big enough to make good on that promise, and good enough to make forever last more than one round.
  13. Banned

    SLAP Rides

    I wouldn't call what you guys do fighting. More like laying down and taking it.
  14. Banned

    SLAP Rides

    Sovereign League of Armed Powers hereby declares war on Royal House of Aevrum in defense of our ally Nordreich. As a special note to those in Royal House of Aevrum who would declare that they are acting only in their own defense, that's fine too. Our pact with Nordreich is an ODoAP. For Sovereign League of Armed Powers, Banned - The Blood God Daeg - The Skull King White Chocolate - The Hand that Opens eviljak - The Hand that Fights claude - The Hand that Guides raisedalloy - The Hand that Builds
  15. SLAP stands in solidarity with our allies.