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  1. I don't know, I haven't been tracking everything super close, but I do spot at least one inaccuracy here. On 9/21 you report TDE forming Mongoose, and Banned leaving DBDC to join Mongoose. Minor nitpicking I'm sure, but the actual sequence of events should be Banned leaves DBDC and forms Mongoose followed by TDE joins Mongoose and is handed ownership of the Mongoose AA. Like I said, as for the rest of it, I don't know if it's all in place and factual or not, just felt the need to speak about what I was actually involved in.
  2. Yeah no. DBDC offered no support to their member who was aiding a rogue, and were quite content to see said member off of their AA and leave it at that. Cobra decided that wasn't good enough and hit an applicant of DBDC.
  3. You misunderstand my words. What I actually said is that LH knows how listen to good advice, and my point being that in comparison to some other players (and this is not directed at you nor your sphere) that is comparatively better. In no way did I say that I was the sole source of that good advice. If you must know, I considered then, and continue to consider White Chocolate to be the primary source of sound advice sounding off in LH's ear, and was even more specifically referring to a specific piece of advice that he received from WC. But I mean, if LH wants to be my pawn at some point,
  4. Or you hit a DBDC applicant and then declared new wars after acknowledging that the reason you hit said applicant was no longer applicable. When confronted about this and asked to correct NS losses in tech, which is the simplest method possible especially for an alliance of your structure, you balked, made a news article to cry in, and then sent your allies in to declare another war on said applicant. I mean, I don't know, but that sounds a lot closer to home to me. I mean, if you're going to actively push to make the situation your friends are in worse, you really shouldn't be shocked when
  5. I mean, you're saying things that did happen, but your finger is pointing at the wrong person. I antagonized, provoked, and plotted against your sphere right to your faces (though it was more just making idle threats than actual plotting). At best, u got LH for getting in on the joke a little and trying to make funny on the intensity of my ill-natured gimmick around you lot. Then he cracks one little joke about your behavior that you take completely out of context and now he's the bad guy? If you want to blame LH for something, blame him for talking to me when I popped back in and the fact
  6. This complete lack of understanding is exactly why we can't just all just get along. Free Franz.
  7. It is known that I have a deliciously large skull. Added bonus: you already have a cleanly declared war on me. So I guess what I'm saying is: come and get it.
  8. Keep sending more alliances to write war declarations on Mongoose for the 1 nation you can hit please. This is hilarious.
  9. Mongoose releases the following statement: The following statement is a statement by Banned, and in no way necessarily represents the views of Mongoose. I see your declaration of war, and your challenge that I, in no uncertain terms, hit you with my best shot. In response to this, and for no other reason, and with no forethought or planning, I recognize your state of hostilities with Mongoose. However, I find your post lacking on the important matters of Planet Bob. Not propaganda that I can't afford because my nation is small and defenseless. The real issues of the
  10. Don't worry sweetheart, I'm coming.
  11. Damn Johnny, that screenshot of me was beautiful. I feel like you really captured my essence there.
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