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  1. That would be Bob Janova. but- o/ and all to micros being micros
  2. To be fair, we’ve also raided a number of alliances who have not been involved in any wars.
  3. We know already. You don’t need to keep proving it over and over. And, we only sanctioned dirty rogues, thank you very much.
  4. Sorry, anytime you guys do anything all i hear is this annoying buzzing. If i remember correctly, you declared war on DBDC for not replying fast enough for you too.
  5. Let me get this straight... TDE was free to go wherever, so long as it wasn’t pre-determined or agreed upon by people not in COBRA or without discussion with COBRA (even though JA used the word “free” and didn’t add anything more to his statement). And then when you asked KoRT to kick him out for being a (former? I’m still not clear on his status in your eyes) rogue, they largely ignored your attempts to influence their sovereignty. And nobody ignores COBRA, so naturally they need to be attacked. Am i understanding all this correctly?
  6. So you’d rather us level everyone we raided instead of send peace after GA’s?
  7. Curious, I thought this DoW applied to everyone in perpetuity. To clear this up for anyone else with reading comprehension problems: this DoW wasn’t a “DoW on Avalanche”.
  8. Without prejudice, DBDC hereby declares war on all nations, except those that we don't. To those that we do: this declaration may be mirrored with in-game declaration(s). However, lack of in-game declaration(s) should not be misconstrued as there being no declaration. This declaration is made here today, but carries forward in perpetuity. As such, any future in-game declarations made by DBDC today, tomorrow or into the far-flung future are covered by it, unless DBDC explicitly states they aren't. In the case they aren't, reasons will be provided in private. However, where reasons are not communicated in private those declared on may wish to revert to this document to understand the reasons as to why they've been declared on. We do however aim to provide all nations with reasons at the point of declaration(s), whether in relation to this declaration or any future declaration(s) which may supersede this and we trust that they will be satisfied completely. This declaration supersedes all previous declarations, but is made with respect to our obligations. Subsequently all future in-game declarations now relate to this, unless they don't, and should be taken as so, expect when they shouldn't. For more information please step into the Complaints office located in the Doom Rooms where you are welcome to take a ticket and we'll get back to you at 11:53 on 4th June 2026, or earlier, or maybe later. Signed, Those who signed it
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