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  1. So you’d rather us level everyone we raided instead of send peace after GA’s?
  2. Curious, I thought this DoW applied to everyone in perpetuity. To clear this up for anyone else with reading comprehension problems: this DoW wasn’t a “DoW on Avalanche”.
  3. Without prejudice, DBDC hereby declares war on all nations, except those that we don't. To those that we do: this declaration may be mirrored with in-game declaration(s). However, lack of in-game declaration(s) should not be misconstrued as there being no declaration. This declaration is made here today, but carries forward in perpetuity. As such, any future in-game declarations made by DBDC today, tomorrow or into the far-flung future are covered by it, unless DBDC explicitly states they aren't. In the case they aren't, reasons will be provided in private. Howeve
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