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  1. Definitely not my best work.
  2. Oh wow. Well this should be fun. Also, you got to meet The Iron Lady? Lucky.
  3. And on the 3rd day he rose again, fueled by wrath and hot air, to !@#$%* out his former allies.
  4. Looking at TORN's memberships level now, it seems like you folks can't afford to lose any more people as it is. Good thing GOD is so unappealing we didn't have to worry about losing a member from your mistaken recruitment spamming. Though, it is too bad we didn't get all pissy and write up a blog calling you the worst alliance ever for a mistake, like NoFish did. Fortunately, that point needs no advertising.
  5. So i think the real moral of the story here is we passed up a reason to call out GOD.... !@#$. I am disappoint.
  6. Oh wow, Alas Babylon! That book was excellent. I haven't read it in years but I'll definitely have to pop over and check it out.
  7. I can't determine whats more pathetic here, CSN's attempt to get 40,000 units of tech out of a peripheral alliance of 48 or your attempt to justify those outrageous demands. I don't know what world CSN lives in that their husk of an alliance has the power, credibility or influence to ask for close to 1000 units of tech from every member let alone try and create terms intended to punish their top tiers. CSN may have close to 3x the membership of DT, but you guys are out of their league in almost every way. Give DT white peace and regain some semblance of class.
  8. Lord Curzon

    So Duckroll...

    So was Megan Fox. What else is new?
  9. God, thats so weird. Its almost like that very coalition existed... for about 30 minutes.
  10. Well, I'm smart enough to take on PB-DH-C&G all by myself. So add in the other DR guys and that shouldn't be a problem at all. We'll have enough left over intellect to take on both the Orders all over again then eat GPA for dessert. In all seriousness, it was interesting read Schatt. I think its pretty theoretically simplistic, but I always enjoy your writing style. Ever the journalist.
  11. I would like to know how this is any different from the thing all of you gentlemen decried last year when we (TORN/IRON/TOP/DAWN) preempted CnG. I recall all kinds of hysteria about how horrible we were for declaring an entirely separate war, and that preemption was not an acceptable tactic for CN. From my perspective we had a much better rational, and certainly more cause as CnG was most certainly going in, whereas that is more or less debatable for NPO. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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