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  1. The Great Nation of Spanish Inquisition has managed to overthrow it's Anarchist Government and as such has declared a 7 day penguin nuclear lovefest. I wish the SDI-less nations concerned a happy Penguin-glo-fest.
  2. I would like to apologise to my good friends in NpO, I had such an epic hangover yesterday I couldn't countenance waging warfare against you. Normal service is hereby resumed.
  3. No but people still laugh at Valhalla, and when i drop CJ's thoughts on SF, XX, NpO and Co maybe more people will.......
  4. It does prove NpO is about as incompetent as incompetent gets though. Dajabo does a good job of fighting and being emperor, Eatumup his VP is utterly incompetent at being Gov but fights ok, and hey ho the rest of NpO can do neither, Grub in your day say it weren't so. How hard is it to keep a 27k NS nation nuked for more than 2 minutes?
  5. Nice to see NpO managed to make good on their promise to keep us all in Anarchy for a little over 1 week. Alterego will have fun nuking these 3 SDI less nations.
  6. Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars. 3,718,009 Attacking + 6,518,520 Defending = 10,236,529 Casualties I'll catch you Stewie!
  7. We welcome Furious Purpose our newest multi-billionaire cashed up member, he will be engaging the 90k + or - range
  8. You have nuked me every day - 4 times, I have only bothered nuking you once, you have only done slightly over 3x the dmg though, even though you have 5 people to co-ordinate with, and I have none....hmmmm maybe you suck. Don't let it get in the way of your herp-a-derp stats though ;) Surely the talent pool in Polaris is deep enough that they don't need an eijet like you as #2? Guess not eh.....
  9. Papa Bear looks forward to aiding his baby bears for the foreseeable
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