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  1. Admin is back in the game, only 2 years since the last blog post!
  2. Pansy you eijet, cancellation notice incoming, you just broke the agreed Athenian muppet quota
  3. Homeworld 2 was released in 2003 and I assume your PC was a 2001/2/3 PC at the time. You are now running it on a Linux PC presumably from 2009/10/11 ofc your experience is going to be a !@#$load better.
  4. Spy tax is a valid tactic, works better if done by those getting stomped though. If you are getting stomped you will remain in nuke anarchy so sabotage tax does little or nothing to you, however if you are doing the stomping you will likely be able to hit PM and collect or just collect in Warmode once nuke anarchy has passed, thats when having your Tax sbotaged does its damage. You obviously can't change tax rate til you collect.
  5. Well said. CSN you are epic fail.
  6. The we didnt want to clutter the OWF line is pure BS, Umb/MK could have made one simple post recognising hostilities with / Dowing anyone who hit GOONS, no clutter and no ambiguity.
  7. It's 2 different wars without a shadow of a doubt, as an aside, it's 2 wars my alliance has no interest in.
  8. You have the best nation and ruler name combo ever

  9. This war didn't take off because it was retarded in concept. iFok and PC eLawyered their way out of it to prevent a clusterfcuk on their side of the web, FEAR and some from the other side of the web decided to honour their treaties, but the wider portion of that side of the web said ain't no way I am gonna burn for NEW doing something dumb.......and that was that.
  10. There was never going to be a war either way, there's not a hope in hell half the alliances who spent 10mins in #stratego were ever going to go to war over this, personally speaking I wouldn't like to side with ODN, UPN or NpO in any conflict, let alone have them be the lynchpin of it. It doesnt take a genius to realise anyone acting on this folly was going to get a piece of four by two spiked with nails rammed straight up the behind repeatedly. What we have here is a few muppets inviting people into a channel to listen to possibly the worst proposal for war ever made in CN history. Edit: And yes ODN did UPN a massive favour, but it was not needed as a war would never have come out of this anyways.
  11. Aye, the Evo 4G is awesome if you live in the right places Stateside to avail of the 4G, else the Samsung Galaxy S is just out and pretty great too. Nexus One is a good option, even if it is very slightly dated compared to the aforementioned 2, as its a google phone and you get the latest OS versions as soon as they are out. HTC, Samsung and the rest all skin their phones, so you are beholden to them for future OS updates, and they don't tend to support that much beyond 12-18mths, and they can take anything from 2mths to over 12mths in the case of the HTC Hero to release them. There is a huge modding community at xda developers and if you are tech savvy and don't mind rooting your phone, the lads there often bring the latest and greatest before its officially out, and tend to improve the official ROMs as well. I have a HTC Desire, also Android, but its a phone mainly for the European market. Having come from an iPhone 3GS to Android I can't ever see myself going back to Steve Job's meglomania!
  12. Gramlins are a joke these days, soon to be a footnote on CN history. Sad that an alliance I once had huge respect for, and admired above most, is now one I hold in the highest contempt.
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