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  1. Hopefully CN itself is next, mirite? 😉 (I keed.)
  2. Hey, as long as you don't question several individuals' intelligence while misspelling 'wagon' ... multiple times. 😆
  3. You have one too, nard! Course yours is a bit more epic. Still waiting on that Part 4... I'm well. Took some time off from CN but now I'm back because there are too many insufferable !@#$%* about these parts and balance is needed.
  4. I'd hate to engage you, if only for the sake of the OWF, to spare us all from one of your fantastical diatribes. ...oh wait. Clearly you're being disingenuous. Lets pretend though that you're not. Perhaps I expect too much of you but a cursory review of the Wiki may refresh your memory (minimal as my contributions may have admittedly been). You, on the other hand, have accomplished precisely nothing other than lead an alliance of deadweight nations that ultimately failed as a result of your hilarious ineptitude. Bravo, Zigur, if indeed your time has just begun. 😆
  5. He's your better in every way conceivable (but we'll start at intelligence and reputation). As for the latter, it's immaterial.
  6. What'chu talking 'bout? The dude knows how to conduct peace talks.
  7. Appears you're talking to yourself at this point, mate. 😉
  8. Oh god, that brings back memories (as a spectator, mind you).
  9. Lyanna has a fanboy in FTW? Scandalous!
  10. I believe FTW are merely pretenders to the throne.
  11. No one in Kashmir below Elder may post in this thread.
  12. Don't think it's normally done. If so, sorry mate. Not my call though, mind you. Reroll and hit me up and I'll see what we can do for you.
  13. Who me? I resemble that remark.
  14. Only like 70% of it is 100% true.
  15. The amount of self-love in the OP is staggering. I see some things haven't changed while I was gone. 😉
  16. I can't pretend to know much about who 'we' were fighting against or even with for that matter - there was a reason I abdicated and went inactive, after all! - but reading the first and last page of this thread - which is about all the motivation I can muster at this point - has me missing Kashmir, COBRA, and SRA. Hi guys!
  17. Doubt it's a bug, just seems like you have crummy luck. Mods, like this game, are inactive, so don't go holding your breathe for a response one way or the other.
  18. Sucks but them's the breaks unfortunately. I see you have open slots, feel free to hit me up for 9/100 deals.
  19. How do I access the Signature text box?... All I see is the About Me text box when editing my profile...
  20. I'm about to post kind of a lot of words but paradoxically I can't be arsed to search for the few posts I'll be addressing so I'll just lump it all in here. OMG your warchests. We hear it every war, from multiple parties on both sides. For every SirWilliam that doesn't practice what he preaches there's a Lex Quintus and masterhakai that are sitting on billions. The same can be said of every other alliance involved. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's hard to be horribly motivated these days since there aren't really villains anymore. Insofar as I can tell both the Legion and FTW have been pretty honorable this war. I can't say I'm terribly thrilled about how things have developed (and now that I'm not government I have more freedom to say so!), but it is what it is. I had been discussing a purge as a result of certain actions over the course of the last two wars the KashBRA :airquote: sphere :airquote: was involved in; perhaps the result here will be the same. Either way, I'll continue to enjoy semi-retirement. Kashmir is in good hands and we'll all be just fine. PS: Jack Layton is back, may Admin have mercy on you all.
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