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  1. nevermind Went

    I knew I'd figure it out once I asked.


  2. Glad your okay Kzopp. That's a hairy situation to be in right there.
  3. A drunken piece of !@#$ vandalizes your property, harasses your wife and threatens you? Well then obviously you have to move, to stand your ground would be atrocious! What the $%&@ is wrong with some of you? Zog, stand your ground and be patient. Karma's a !@#$%* and he will get what's coming to him.
  4. Deadshot

    Reality Blows

    So young, what a shame. But you're right; at any moment any one of us could get hit by a car, have a heart attack or suffer a fatal injury at work (a guy who does the same job as I recently was overcome with toxic gas and fell thirty feet to his death, 31 years old, 8 week old baby). When I think of the real things that others are going through, it reminds me that every day is a treasure and we should live each day as our last. Thanks for this KZ. My thoughts are with him and hoping he enjoys his time left and selfishly kicking my own ass into gear to start doing more of what I love doing.
  5. Deadshot

    Dear CN

    Nice to see you in athens. About as much of a shock as me joining NPO. Have fun o/
  6. You're right. Jesus said turn the other cheek, which was good advice until, you know, they crucified him. Either way, I don't believe it MUST be built. I believe that if it is what the land owner wants, so be it. Your property is your property. As an aside, wasn't there a mosque there before 9/11?
  7. Deadshot

    Cedar Point

    Not Ohio but close enough, though i will be working that day
  8. I honestly think they go back tied 2-2. Halak looked great tonight and I think he has put those first two games behind him. That is the one thing miemi has over Huet (besides being able to stop a beach ball), the ability to let go of bad games or goals. Even though I am a Hawks homer, I think San Jose steals tomorrow and the Hawks close it in 5.
  9. Fellow Blackhawks fan? $%&@ yeah. Also I agree with everything Zilla said. San Jose is no slouch but right now they are trying to beat Chicago at Chicago's game: Speed and puck possession. It's not going to happen. In my non-expert opinion, they may have wanted to take a page from Nashville and play the trap. Chicago struggled against them because of it. Also, Niemi reaching prime form right now? Perfect. Chicago wins WFC in 5 and SCF against Flyers in 6; Flyers will give them hell, but will fall.
  10. o/ Vladimir, a bright light shining in a dark world.
  11. You said everything I ever wanted to say about college my friend.
  12. Poor Leafs Though being a Chicago guy, I do hope they lay a beat down on the wings any time they play them. effing wings..
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