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  1. If your feelings are hurt because of themed announcements, feel free to leave or grow thicker skin. Come my Mushlim brothers, the kafir won't be beheading themselves!
  2. Yes. Even worse than anime alliances. UE, I can't hail this or even wish you good luck. I mean, I am in TOP and all but it's more to do with y'all just being too creepy.
  3. Go find his last targets bro, he's rolling hard! Signed, Honorary Derp Rush Cleanup Squad Member
  4. GO is still around? Color me shocked. Well, have fun and thanks for citing the treat blah blah blah
  5. [quote name='Jtkode' timestamp='1323082976' post='2863590'] I hope you burn defending pacifica, thats the only thing you deserve by defending her... unoriginal thread unoriginal people o/ being npos new meatsheild. o/ new wae NATO [/quote] This is a terrible, terrible post.
  6. Oh hai NATO, wonderful to have you here! o/ NATO!
  7. Seeing anyone with a dislike of Pacifica leave sucks, especially a vocal one. Good luck to you and yours. o/
  8. [quote name='KosmoKenny' timestamp='1322992325' post='2862077'] Or his inability to launch a ground attack. Im pretty sure all of NPO just maintains nations so they can crap all over the forums. [/quote] I don't know bro, the two Fark nations I attacked (nice blitz btw) haven't done !@#$ either. Your alliance is not exactly blowing anyone away with their prowess. That said I do like the two guys I am fighting, or trying to fight. I really don't think they wanna :/
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