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Adios CN

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Well kids, I'm outta here. I always wondered what it would take to get me out of here, and not surprisingly, it was boredom. I've finally decided I've had enough of the boredom, so I'm gonna skip town. Before I do, I'd like to thank some people:

First, and foremost, some great alliancemates:
Nick, Joque, Saronix, Inmate, Extraduty, King Najibbles, hockeyislife, Ace, Sarriz, Hurricane, Sakura, zigbigadorlou, Jack Diorno, Emperor Marx, d3filed, Gantz, MtPollux, Newhotness, Jason8, Hakai, Cowboy Cornholio, Askar, seanu92, and Lord Hawkman

Secondly, longtime allies:
Commander John, Crushtania, Sorum, Finnish Commie, Kroknia, TehChad, Mongol-Swedes, Hawk, Demonspawn, Starcraftmazter, Daikos, Fireguy, sno, wickedj, Twisted, CTB, Citizenkane, Derwood, IWishIHadATank, Vlad, and Craven

And finally, all the alliances I've been a part of:
VE, BRO, TCB, IPA, IS, Bel Air, \m/, Gents, and PC

There are probably a lot of people I forgot; don't take it as a slight, but a symbol of my poor memory and the abundance of decent people with whom I've talked.
I'll be around IRC a bit still if you want to chat. So, seeya on the flipside.

[color="#FF0000"][size="5"]MAIM KILL BURN[/size][/color]

Edited by King Xander the Only
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[quote name='Ashoka the Great' date='16 May 2010 - 05:49 PM' timestamp='1274057369' post='2300686']
Bye, Xander. If you think CN is boring, wait 'til you see RL.

<Insert 'they always come back' here.>

Mr. Zog has already said everything I had planned to say. Take care, Xander.

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This is unacceptable.

You've been fun as hell to work with over the past year and it's going to suck not seeing you around anymore. Good luck in the real world, man. Stop by our channel when you have the time and don't be afraid of giving into that urge to come back to CN. You can't beat it. :v:

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