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  1. [quote name='king of cochin' timestamp='1313663868' post='2783828'] In all seriousness you would need someone with a Mars Base, Mars Mine and Mars Colony and a massive load of tech to build that for you. Plausible candidates remain Rebel Army, Lynneth, Selenarctos, Triyun and me, [/quote] I didn't mean physically build it for me, I meant help me come up with the technobabble. There's no rule against nations declaring independence or sovereignty on the moon or mars, and we have a map for the moon and mars. That having been said, I already have a Mars Base. I figure I'd only play with
  2. I see you creeping at my profile! :]

  3. [size="7"]SO[/size] who wants to help me make a country on mars :C
  4. [quote name='Kankou' timestamp='1313643741' post='2783441'] Sargun, you MIGHT want to check Sal's IG stats..... I don't see him surviving two weeks unless he's under some mega umbrella. [/quote] What would he survive against? Nobody would roll him for anything, especially not Timmy
  5. huehuehue Sal, want Ireland? I'd be glad to part with it for someone as epic as you
  6. [quote name='Aggressivenutmeg' timestamp='1313530889' post='2782360'] Sal, be Svalbard [/quote] [quote name='Sal Paradise' timestamp='1313539383' post='2782481'] Meh, I don't care. It's just Andorra. Just looked at the map, noticed the white spot and got an idea. Means nothing to me. And I already know plenty of Mael's character but it's instructive of Cent's. So you learn something. Feel sorry for jesbro, who's now gotta deal with being Mael's vassal. [/quote] You want Svalbard? Me and nutmeg will give it to you
  7. I have no idea who the hell the other alliance is
  8. [s]"Ireland DEMANDS THIS LAND TO BE OUR OWN, get away from it you DIRTY IMPERIALIST LANDGRABBERS"[/s] "Once again the Athenians have proven to be a stabilizing force in Europe."
  9. [quote name='Centurius' timestamp='1313437768' post='2781543'] "The Athenian Federation shall join the Irish in providing protection for the English people in these hard times" The navy would maintain their position however now as a defensive force, soldiers that had landed originally to invade would now establish positions in cities to maintain order. [/quote] "Ireland welcomes cooperation by the Athenian Federation." About six thousand soldiers, thinly spread and mainly for crime prevention purposes, were spread throughout England. Another thousand were sent as backups; these would b
  10. I don't think Maelstrom ever laid an IC claim to it, so I suggest you claim it and name it England.
  12. [quote name='Sarah Tintagyl' timestamp='1313381025' post='2781106'] "And of course Ireland is there to save the day. Ireland is there to save England from Fascism only after much of the entire world threatened to destroy them, who since the end of the monarchy has made more news in sports talk than politics. Ireland was also there to save Svalbard from anarchy with help from Norway. But why was it then that Norway was the first to initiate this move, only after did Ireland move to say that the territory was England's and thus under their protection. You can create analogies, you can create fi
  13. [quote name='Sarah Tintagyl' timestamp='1313373344' post='2781019'] "It is rather shameful that Ireland, for all it's boasting only extends it's power over lands that lack a responsible government, in the case of England. Or lack any government at all, in the case of Svalbard. Norway's actions are simply to bow to any nation that puts their foot forward. But when Germany, under Haas sought to subjugate Europe. Where was Ireland then? Where was England then? We are sure that Norway will fall in time and that Ireland will remain, on the sidelines of Europe waiting for more territories to extend
  14. [center] [font="Georgia"][size="6"]The Svalbard Agreement[/size][/font] [font="Georgia"][size="5"]The Ireland-Norway Pact[/size][/font][font="Georgia"] 1. Per this agreement, both the nations of Ireland and Norway (and any respective successor states; to be referred to as the Ireland-Norway pact nations) are to have joint control Svalbard. 2. If, in the future, Svalbard (or any part of it) wishes independence from the Ireland-Norway pact nations, both states must agree to the terms of independence. 3. Until the terms of Point Two are completed, the Ireland-Norway pact nations agree to
  15. [quote name='Aggressivenutmeg' timestamp='1313363900' post='2780899'] Lynneth, can you please mark Svalbard as a Norway protectorate. Danke. [/quote] Belay that! It's under [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104387&view=findpost&p=2781010]joint control[/url] of Ireland and Norway now.[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104387&view=findpost&p=2781010"] [/url]
  16. [quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1313369680' post='2780966'] "The problem is that Svalbard is not England. We had given England Svalbard in order for them to have a fallback point in the case of Celtic-Russian aggression back in the day, since then Svalbard when no longer important strategically became a free country. I think that in these circumstances, if Svalbard can no longer be a country of its own, Norway or ourselves should have the responsability to once more protect the zone." [/quote] Svalbard signed agreements with England, just as Ireland did, to gain its independence.
  17. Svalbard signed papers that guaranteed land reversion back to the United Kingdom (or in this case England) in case it fell; England's own problems may have prevented them from governing Svalbard properly in the short term, but the territory belongs to them and this is tantamount to an invasion and declaration of war. No one nation can unilaterally cancel agreements made by others based on their opinion, and given that England's issues were solved and they are going back on the right track, this is nothing short of a blatant land-grab. Further, as the land belongs to England and England is a
  18. [quote name='Mathias' timestamp='1313303556' post='2780389'] You're dumb fyi. [/quote] Your face is dumb fyi (just kidding I think you're pretty swell )
  19. [quote name='Lynneth' timestamp='1313275852' post='2780018'] You'd know there's no such thing if you looked at the current map. [/quote] DAMN YOU
  20. [quote name='Lynneth' timestamp='1313274357' post='2779990'] There is no such thing as Terror MT., Sargun. Also [size="6"]update[/size], for those who care. [/quote] https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Mount_Terror_%28Antarctica%29 In CNRP it's called Terror Mountain and Mount Terror interchangeably; it's part of the island that Artemis operates. [b]You've had the label on the map before[/b].
  21. [quote name='King Timmy' timestamp='1313228655' post='2779535'] As we speak power is being handed back over to the rightful English government, how can you possibly justify claiming a protectorate over it? [/quote] Is there an issue that we are granting you military protection from other nations while you attempt to reorganize your government? Perhaps we should have clarified: this is no misused-term protectorate in which we claim unilateral control of a territory without annexation; this is an actual protectorate, in which England is being protected from third party threats by Ireland whi
  22. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1313219245' post='2779429'] How badly you must be regretting this statement, now. [/quote] You have no idea.
  23. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1313214476' post='2779256'] Words can't even express just how horrible. [/quote] Take back everything I've ever said against you, and then dump it all here
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