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  1. Great write up as always Goldie. Lookin forward to another solid season.
  2. He might even have one already... Oh wait that's just our erotic fantasy thread.
  3. Is this really the best you can do on Umbrella arrogance? Either you aren't trying hard enough or we aren't being arrogant enough. I'm not sure which. Eitherway, if you really wanted to rustle some feathers you'd try leaking some SBSC material instead. Just a friendly recommendations. <3
  4. Just took a &#33;@#&#036;. Confirming that it did not stink.
  5. This should be a good fight. I look forward to it. Haha this guy here..
  6. Hahah. This guy never fails to disappoint. Best of luck to our great allies in TOP.
  7. They kept clamoring for a fight with Polar, so here it is. Sith should be happy, they are getting the war they wanted. Personally I would've just used "talk shit, get hit" as my CB but to each their own.
  8. You're adorable. Now scurry away, the adults are busy.
  9. Terrible alliances full of terrible members.
  10. I know this was a tough decision for you fellas. But it was a good move. Much love for our filthy commie allies.
  11. These revelations will shake the world as we know it.
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