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  1. Better idea, make a drinking game out of it, drink everytime he does one of those
  2. A wonderful thing called life sucks up most of my time unfortunately. I may make an appearance sometime later this week though

  3. You never come on IRC anymore and it makes me sad.

  4. Lord Fingolfin

    Not A CN Post

    I've seen the documentary twice. He raises some good points, though personally I vehemently disagree with his Vietnam policies and think he lost us that war. I suppose I'm more of a Curtis Lemay, scrambled half the U.S. airforce and had tank divisions ready to invade Cuba, while McNamara was saying to hold off and try diplomacy.
  5. Before people come try playing music. Go outside and listen. Is it to loud? Turn it down then. Figure out the right balance so that the cops don't get called. Cover your windows with drapes/whatever, it'll deaden the sound a bit. If you're graduating from college then I imagine you don't have to worry about getting busted for underage drinking so I wouldn't really worry that much even if the cops get called.
  6. Paradox makes Mac compatible games now?
  7. I find the game as interesting as ever, you have new blocs being made, vehement rivalries, alliances being torn between allies. A reset or artificial NS cap or enhanced growth rates won't change anything.
  8. You don't see a lot of things. Quite frankly it is surprising the number of things that you completely miss. I am flabbergasted, quite honestly. SCY is a nice guy and I generally only like to laugh at the expense of people I find distasteful. But that was one of the better barbs I've seen thrown around here. Gave me quite the chuckle, well done Mr. Virginia
  9. Lord Fingolfin


    Insightful post Ardus, though I thought OsRaven took over the helm of ODN a few terms after Arsenal had already done a lot of cleanup work and gotten into C&G. Personally I prefer a autocratic system (ironic given the fact that I've spent the last year in a democratic alliance), its where I got most of my high gov experience. Having some kind of advisory council of up and coming members (Deputies and the like) and old guard (former Ministers, ect) where you actually actively seek their opinions and keep them in the loop helps the turnover issue a bit. Younger members get experience and learn from others so that they're capable when they take the responsibility of higher gov and its easier to transition standing high gov out of their roles as they still maintain a semblance of authority and remain in the loop, as such they're less likely to hold onto their gov position forever in a desire to maintain power and have access to info
  10. A TOP member got one of those as well. Laughs were had
  11. Uhh, what lol. PC has been fighting 5+ alliances since almost the start of the war, RoK has only been fighting PC and has lost over 50% of its NS. Once Derwood/DonFernando/Zoom get a round of war in with the top 2 Rok guys that just finally left PM, RoK won't have a single nation left over 50k NS. You guys are getting utterly slaughtered and I don't see how you can paint this as anything but that
  12. Pretty much what WN said. If Legion had a problem with it they should have gone and stamped FAN when they reformed, and I for one never heard anything about FAN angst when I was a member *shrugs*
  13. I'd say LiquidMercury was a good leader of men. During Karma/TPF/BiPolar people flocked to him. I'd put Crymson and Feanor up there as well Also Ramirus, crazy son of a !@#$%* I'm sure there are plenty of others that were before my time or I just never met
  14. I think the democracy argument is somewhat flawed. NpO has seen 3 emperors over the last year, so a turnover every 4 months. TOP saw Feanor as Grand Master for roughly 6 months and he was a member of the Council, either as Grand Chancellor or Grand Legate for an additional four. There isn't huge turnover and radical change of direction from one election to the other.
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