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  1. Yeah yeah they all come back. Anyone want to tell me what happened in the last year or so and save me the trouble of trying to come through the Wiki
  2. Yo man, hate to like contradict stereotypes and such but myself and my boys in the 60-70k range in Deinos ran a train on a bunch of your guys for several weeks and I still had over 1 billion dollars left by the end and almost 4 million casualties.
  3. Shut up pledge. Nobody asked for your opinion
  4. Time to haze some Pacificans. Bend over you dick-shitting botched abortions
  5. [quote name='Comrade Craig' timestamp='1357866462' post='3074281'] UPN? Is that still an alliance? -Craig [/quote] Is that a question? Also, I'll succinctly sum up my thoughts on this situation by saying $%&@ that noise, watching people's mouths water over the prospect of finally getting to roll the people they want because the resident ignorant island natives in loin cloths couldn't keep their dick in their pants and blew a load all over NSO's face is really quite entertaining, and $%&@ burning for those retards. I'll sleep soundly knowing that the powers that be will pull
  6. Well for someone horribly out of touch this is surprisingly. This is arguably the most game defining treaty of the last 3 years given how it shaped the battlefield of Karma and its political aftermath, how it resulted in Bi-Polar, and its subsequent initiative of the Grudge War. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and think back to the political scene I knew months ago and I'm going to assume this is the final line drawn between a Duckroll/NPO vs DH showdown. Should be fun. SF and XX will inevitably piggy back on DR/NPO's side just for the chance to hit DH. Even if DH is somehow defeated I ca
  7. [quote name='CodFCS' timestamp='1352449676' post='3050420'] The purpose of this announcement was to get you to roll over to get off of yourself. Ave Sparta! Ave Legio! [/quote] I'd make some quip about how I was actually leading this alliance and fought the !@#$stain known as Sparta before you even made your nation, but the fact that I used to take this place seriously is rather embarrassing. Don't worry, I'll quietly go back to checking the forums monthly and logging in solely to collect every 20 days, I've got a life to live. Have fun with all your e-paper boys
  8. At least this makes it easier for you both to be violently sodomized next war. Sucks to suck
  9. This is very cool. Interesting to see you choose Non Grata over returning to TOP, though I suppose that makes some sense given FOK's merger into NG. Welcome back. Will you be restarting your various old game mechanics tools and calculators?
  10. [quote name='Mergerberger II' timestamp='1345130913' post='3022430'] [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2] I remember when MK took gargantuan reps from TOP. I remember when bros spied on the alliances he ran websites for. I remember the ghostbust of Kait and Hoo. I remember when they trolled Assarax. I remember the support of alliance-level tech raids. I remember the use of the same CB that started the Karma War. I remember when they accepted someone on a ZI list so that they could start a war. I remember when they declared on Pacifica without reason. I remember when they troll
  11. I advocated for this to get cancelled back in February 2010. Y'all are about two and a half years behind the ball.
  12. [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1344784827' post='3021261'] If my memory serves right, it was also Crymson who pointed out later on that CnG would enter against our side if we had gone by the treaty chain, where IRON's treaty would activate to hit FARK and things would unravel from there. War between the two sides was gonna happen as the heat was building up for quite sometime, TOP was in the crosshairs since Karma, esp by SF sphere. Who started it or not is I feel a useless argument, I feel that war was gonna happen one way or the another. Both sides duked it out and took it out of there
  13. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1344658805' post='3020756'] The sad state of comedy... [/quote] Banksys jaded !@#$%baggery is a light in the wilderness to people everywhere. Though his best posting was definitely 2009-2010 era
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