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  1. Why yes it IS a weird combo! Its a combo someone i was trading with just so happen to have when he went inactive. So this is where you sort of decent people come into play. I need a trade. In a perfect world i would like you on the same sphere as me but at this point ill accept anything i dont have that isnt completely useless to me. Trade only needs to last till the shooting stops
  2. Definitly blame the Welshman Not much, decided to give this whole CN thing another try. Stop by the IRC channel sometime Edit: So all of reavers vs just you? Isnt that a bit unfair?
  3. This is still open for anyone who needs a slot filled right now, btw, im impaitent
  4. Fish/uranium as the extras. color doesnt matter. activity does And so theres more to see, heres dancing baby Groot
  5. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Haven't like you lot ..well..ever...
  6. They dont call him King George for nothing. Also the tribute to The Possum was very nicely done even if 90% of modern day artists have no idea who he was
  7. "friends in Fark" Never will get used to seeing that...
  8. You are all wrong. That was planned and executed by none other than KingJoe himself. Some of you may know his highness as ChefJoe but we in Ai knew him as King since he said himself that was his war and he worked hard to plan it
  9. Well, shame i missed out on most of the fun..i could use a good excuse to pay attention to this place again
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