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  1. wickedj

    CMA Awards Winners!

    They dont call him King George for nothing. Also the tribute to The Possum was very nicely done even if 90% of modern day artists have no idea who he was
  2. You are all wrong. That was planned and executed by none other than KingJoe himself. Some of you may know his highness as ChefJoe but we in Ai knew him as King since he said himself that was his war and he worked hard to plan it
  3. Dont you think some of these new additions are way too late?
  4. banned from IRON kicked out of Ai resounding success
  5. Read the topic and thought "This guy is a mongoloid"
  6. my nignog.

    1. wickedj


      How the hell ya been, old friend

  7. /me walks on Derek's lawn
  8. No, someone made it for me

  9. /me walks on Goose's lawn

  10. Please tell me thats your license plate, if so I used to see you on a daily basis. The plate that is.

  11. Yes, the rumors are true. we let him in. if you're going to roll us then atleast wait till Pansy is awake so he can enjoy his rolling
  12. You're old and funny smelling

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