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  1. Hey Jerdge, How have you been? There were some good people over there in NV. Now there are but a couple of us.... and well, not much class. about 50% classiness. haha I'm working on it.... I'm working on it... lol
  2. who let this guy stick around for this long? How the heck have you been ol' friend? good to see you around.
  3. sad to not see Nueva Vida up there any more..... what (besides stating an official DoE) do I have to do to see NV's name up there one last time Gopher? who's leg do I have to hump? oh yea, btw, hey how's it goin? guess I'm kinda back and hanging around a little bit as well.
  4. that Tyga guy is pretty sexy... and so is this announcement.
  5. good to see you guys are all still around. o/ old friends!
  6. interesting indeed. Especially for me. Also, Hello again ChairmanHal. How's things?
  7. The alliance I helped to build from the ground up finally may have rest. It was a great run and my inability to make time for my friends due to RL is sad. Since I stepped down as emperor some time ago I have been notably absent. Formerly I had but 1 regret on Planet Bob and it was my greatest regret (Vidians and reicher's know of what I speak).... This is regrettable on such a grander level. I do not know where I will end up, I do not know what I may do. I always toy about making my presence felt here on Planet bob again one day but find that the stars are not aligned in that way. Vidians, I d
  8. [quote name='Nelchael' timestamp='1297752788' post='2634235'] PA beat me to it, now I'm not posting any flower porn. Congrats on 5 years, but I'm disappointed. I really thought you'd be announcing your exit from neutrality and joining the war [/quote] oh, but I wanna see more flower pron!!!!
  9. [quote name='uaciaut' timestamp='1297636020' post='2631529'] This doesn't make sense though, as long as my bombers are alive they should be able to do their jobs provided that fighters can support them accordingly. Attacking with 90+ fighters and 3 bombers a nation with a third that fighting capacity and further destroying it's aircraft while doing no infra damage makes 0 sense unless the fighters somehow got lost or something. And as oink pointed out nukes never miss nations without SDI (the equivalent of which would be AADN), and neither do CM's. The closest analogy to this would be GA's
  10. Congrats/Condolences on your achievement/failure. I really have no opinion of you guys/girls over there/here in neutral zone. Goodluck or Good riddance whichever is less/more along the lines/(circles?) of what should/shouldnt be said here/there. It's good/bad to see you guys still being the neutral menace/pansies. [img]http://www.stanford.edu/~grg/images/orange_flower.jpg[/img] In celebration/commisseration I offer you a most neutral flower pron.
  11. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1297726364' post='2633556'] Who will Nordreich hate on now? Good luck to your former members in finding new homes. [/quote] Hopefully NV. Goodluck former TGEers. Hope you all find a new home and can bring some new life to whatever alliances you go to.
  12. [quote name='Penkala' timestamp='1297664001' post='2632550'] I assure you that this war will be ended fairly and that CSN will treat DT with all the dignity and respect that they earn throughout this conflict. CSN isn't ready to let DT off just yet with white peace, so the war continues. *shrug* Plenty of alliances haven't even been OFFERED terms to end the war yet. I don't see you decrying the EZI of all of their members. Give it time and this war will be resolved just like any other. DT just saw a chance to take an early peace offer and turn it into propaganda points. It's sad that a lot
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