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  1. Also, I didn't point this out when you PM'd it to me Methrage, but it runs contrary to Libertarian values to put restrictions on what members can do, such as the tech raiding clause.
  2. Dude! You're not gonna believe this! Give me a call! This is EPIC!

  3. oh hi kevin! how's it going? lemme know if you wanna go get tacos this weekend!

  4. i enjoy mcnuggets too.

  5. More evil than Revanche, because Revanche is the least evil on the list and I stumpy
  6. Are there seriously people who were like "you should change your name because you lost"... if so... wow... In the words of William Shatner, you people need to get a life.
  7. Kevin McDonald

    Karma = Greed?

    You're asking me for what reason does Echelon deserve to be pounded into dirt? Hmm... how about for putting allied nations on their ZI list. Yes, long before you came around, Echelon decided it was acceptable to put an NADC nation on their ZI list, despite supposedly wanting to rebuild ties with NADC. Rather than talk to us, Caffine decided it was better to let this person sit on ZI for a few months, waiting for an answer on when he was let off. That is how Echelon treated their friends, I can only imagine how they treated their enemies. Echelon has their share of horrible acts to make up for, and they are making up for them now. Echelon, like IRON, TPF and NPO, committed some of the worst acts during their time as Kings and Jesters, and are now finally paying for them. As far as I'm concerned, they can all hit ZI before we let them go with white peace (if I was in charge that's how it would be.) Give me the name of someone free from any Terms of Surrender and I will gladly send them some tech that I have received from IRON. This is not about tech or reps, this is about people finally getting the $@! kicking they so richly deserve.
  8. Kevin McDonald

    Karma = Greed?

    I have no problem with that. In fact it seems very reasonable. However some alliances are now thoroughly beaten, yet the wars continue. Once great and powerful alliances are empty shells of their former selves, yet the wars continue. Why? One reason - reparations. Incorrect. The ongoing wars are not continuing because of reparations. They are ongoing because the alliances currently being beaten have not been beaten down enough. I'm not going to sit here and justify that or rail against it. I'm just saying, reparations has never been a major factor in deciding when these wars will end.
  9. Kevin McDonald

    Karma = Greed?

    It is odd, Bob, except that Watchman was not around when NADC was rolled. Despite his protestations, he knows nothing about the NADC pre-BLEU war. It's no surprise, therefore, that he has no idea about how his beloved hegemony actually operates.
  10. Well, it depends how far from the war you want to go. I'll agree that Karma didn't just come into existence when NPO hit OV, but I would say that with the exception of a rough framework that existed maybe a month before the war, no one knew what the hell the sides were gonna look like or even who was going to lead the NPO counter charge until hours or days before. Edit: But again I want to reiterate my belief that Karma does cease to exist as soon as the war ends. Not every Karma alliance likes each other, and some downright loath each other. Some of the small battles over terms of surrender is just a precursor of the larger intra-Karma problems that will no doubt surface once Karma's usefulness is outlived.
  11. I don't understand how you can take yourself seriously. Despite every flaw in that mind bogglingly ridiculous blog post, the biggest flaw which renders every other moot is the fact that the second this war is over Karma ceases to exist. Within 6 months there will be many conflicts either starting up or getting there. No one knows what the future holds except for the fact that a very large power vacuum is developing at this moment. I can't wait.
  12. Kevin McDonald


    Am I the only one who noticed the typo in that image
  13. Kevin McDonald

    UBD vs. MK

    Watchman, I would suggest you stop commenting on NADC, because you do not know anything about the past of that alliance. Not ONLY Charles was ZI'd, a number of members not in compliance were also ZI'd and expelled from the alliance (by NpO, not NADC.) Now, I don't actually have a problem with that, as those members should have been expelled, and they should have been expelled by the NADC. Further, for the entire week after Charles' ZI was announced, the NADC was only one step away from NpO installing a viceroy, or being rolled again. It was ONLY because we were able to scramble and get a government in place that was somewhat different from the one under Charles, that we escaped. Also, saying iClean deposition had no consequences to ACV is a little bit near-sighted. I would ask you to only blog about issues of which you have knowledge, but then you would not have anything to blog about.
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