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Petition to COBRA: Mercy for the Mouse

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11 minutes ago, Knights of the Grail said:

A Petition to the King Cobra, a most powerful warlord.




Peace is at hand. Free the mouse.



Knights of the Grail


From the Pope of Non Grata, herald of the Eternal Crusade; request denied. Get $%&@ed.

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1 minute ago, CrinkledStraw said:



Every new thing I read from Knights of the Grail is more baffling than the last.

That happens when you no longer have agency. If they ever had it at all. 


You start saying and doing things that don't make sense, or are out of character. 

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21 minutes ago, Chuck Normis said:

Sometimes even Rats can be Cool People too...even if they are a tad impulsive.


That's absolutely false. The Pope of Non Grata has made his decree. Deus Vult.

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He received mercy before. Have a look at what he did with it. Usually mercy is granted to those that feel guilt for their actions, remorse or make an honest and convincing commitment to something. I don't see Hitchcock doing any of that. He dies.

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Sir Knight,

   As much as I appreciate your disposition toward global peace and I appreciate the compliment, my power has limits with regards to this matter. It should now be apparent that the fate of Neptune's Bar is not solely within my hands or a matter of concern exclusive to COBRA.


Our peace with you will come to fruition sooner than theirs. To that end, the Neptunian must stop riding the coattails of better leaders and speak for himself if he is to achieve this. We do not seek his ultimate demise but remind me; what does the R stand for in our name? Once this is achieved, we can move onto what the A stands for.


Your plea is heard, but it is not just me you need to convince.


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