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  1. O Reagan! My Reagan! Not even 20 seconds after it was built it was already proving it's worth.
  2. If there's one commodity I've noticed RFI has plenty of it's overinflated egos.
  3. Too late, CLAWS already used a minor nation for staggering that somehow violated ToS because it was deleted during an active war. Considering the dec came while their app to CLAWS was still pending it seems pretty clear to me which of the ToS it violated vOv
  4. Never not !@#$post tbqh Edit: Really? A language filter?
  5. I am absolutely a noob. But you don't have to have ever played this game to understand why being at war with multiple entities hurts your own war efforts against any one target. Those stats would be different (for better or worse I won't speculate though I have my suspicions) if it was just Kashmir vs Legion. And, lest you mistake me for making excuses for Kashmir, this is equally true of them vs yourself as well. You would have to weigh your stats against who is at war with who, the respective sizes of those alliances etc. With your reasoning any small alliance could join any dogpile, hit a much larger alliance, hold up their numbers and say "we can kick their ass" despite the fact they would be absolutely crushed if it was just them vs the larger alliance.
  6. You brag about how your stats are better considering Kashmir's allies while ignoring your own allies? What great allies you are to claim all that credit while ignoring your allies contributions.
  7. I'll have some of what this guy is on please.
  8. Didn't you know? Internet nations are serious business. How else can you derive meaning from your life?
  9. That would imply they were happy with it...
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