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A Non Grata Announcement


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We caught a Big One accords.


After a sexy sexy night together, the shark (Non Grata) and the fishermen (R&R) agree to join together and open formal relations.


Article 1: Let the lions sleep again


-Historically, there has been a lot of animosity between Non Grata and R&R over the fate of FOK, who both parties love dearly.  This treaty finally reunites MiketheFirst and R&R in a treaty, and for this everyone celebrates.  From now on today will be known as FOK! day in Non Grata.  3 years, and 5 weeks after FOK merged into NG.


Article 2: No more fishing


-Both parties agree not to damage each other, either via NG biting or R&R throwing dynamite into the ocean.


Article 3: Everybody hates dolphins


-It is agreed that dolphins suck.  NG & R&R agree that if either sees a dolphin attacking the other they can engage if requested, but it is not mandatory.


Article 4: Laser Beams


-If sharks with laser beams want to be deployed, then they can also be given to the other party if requested.  But it doesn't mean they have to.


Article 5: Fish Sticks

-If this treaty needs to be turned into fish sticks, it takes 72 hours to process fully.  Mainly due to the final wrapping and chilling process.



Signed for the Sharks (NG)


Stewie - The Mako

Abshire - The Tiger

Caustic - The Bull

Signed for the Fishermen (R&R)


cmf0203 - President of R&R

DemonSpawn - Vice President of R&R

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Holy cow, this was a long-time in the making :D


Congrats to two of my favourite AA's!

To quote a post from the discussion thread "wait, I thought we finished that months ago"


Yay us, death to the dolphins #Sharkweek2k15

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It's been a very long time since I've dealt with R&R, but I always found them to be among the more reasonable alliances out there.


And so congratulations to our friends in Non Grata and our one-step-removed friends in R&R.

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I'm a bit peeved that it isn't "A Non Grata-R&R Announcement."

Bad first move, NG.


Where's that important document shredder at?




o/ NG

o/ R&R



also, I call dibs on the girl on the left!

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