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  1. The ultimate twist will be that Os is Schatt's Manchurian candidate.* *Note for the easily bewildered: this is in no way a serious suggestion.
  2. Always. You'd all do well to remember.
  3. Stylin'! Good to see you keeping your spirits up.
  4. Pingu

    A Decade of Cyber Nations

    Today marks a decade of ODN's existence. As others here remarked, CN has spawned great community and communities, and that is probably its greatest gift.
  5. Pingu

    A Decade of Cyber Nations

    I'm alive. I'm not sure if I'm strong. But thanks for all the fish.
  6. Thank you for all your efforts. This is far more service to the community than many come close to giving.
  7. I don't suppose you do dare ask. But I'll take a decent single malt, straight.
  8. Recursion. Inception. Deception. Reception. Drink? Don't mind if I do.
  9. "Relevant" is a relational term. To what or to whom are you relevant? Inquiring minds are determined to find out. No, wait. They are mildly interested, only - but that's something.
  10. A combination of the above. The tangled treaty web and the end of the taboo on nuclear weapons that lasted the first couple of years of Bob's existence means global conflicts are massively destructive. The mechanics of progress are such that most rulers feel compelled or are encouraged by alliance leaders to rebuild to pre-war levels and restock their coffers to prepare for the next one. That takes most of the year. Small, limited, frequent conflicts would be more exciting/compelling, but would require: a less tangled treaty web and a move away from the hegemony of established powers toward a more fluid multipolarity; more agile and intelligent diplomacy; less automatic resort to nuclear weapons; some adjustments to the physics of the world so that sunk costs were no longer so heavily privileged
  11. Indeed. Some of us make the effort, and in the end it really isn't so much of an effort if you have a couple of brain cells to rub together and a tiny bit of imagination. Wow - historic. I have agreed with both Schattenmann and Mogar in this discussion.
  12. I am a real-life, actual penguin.
  13. Micro drama rarely achieves sustained or wide-reaching interest, though. Surely the real challenge is to shake up politics in the established alliances?
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