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  1. You are correct, alas. If anyone can design with even more orange, I will be delighted. Not you, Mr Rothko - we have enough of your solid orange canvases in the bar already.
  2. This is not a thread for discussing moderation issues. Also hello, how are you? May I interest you and your fledgling alliance in a short course in how to win friends and influence people?
  3. It's good to see learning happening on Bob. Education is vital for the future of the planet. Best of luck to the newest Triumvir and the other bears.
  4. General Punctuation, actually. And you are mostly welcome. The apostrophe arises because it is a period of notice of 69 hours. It is a type of pseudo-possessive construction.
  5. In case anybody cares, which in these days of decadence and decay is unlikely, this treaty contains an error, brief though it is. 69 hour's notice should read 69 hours' notice This has been a service of Ancient Penguin Drive-by Copy Editing and Proofreading Services(TM)
  6. STA disbands, and we have proliferating Gunes. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Bob slides ever faster into the pit. Also hello, how are you, gentlemen?
  7. See what you have become, Bob? This is no longer a habitat fit for such noble beasts.
  8. The return of Proximus is probably yet another sign of the End Times. We've been collecting them. Arco even put in an appearance the other day...
  9. The game of international politics is a cruel and intricate one that GPA chooses to play largely at arm's length. It is odd that so many do not understand that to maintain neutrality in an anarchic world order requires perpetual readiness to defend that neutrality, so the particular ministerial position they have chosen to mock is actually of great importance. Whether or not one admires GPA's chosen approach to international affairs - and who is to say it is intrinsically inferior to raiding, or treaty-whoring, or the various other practices we see pursued by alliances on Bob? - it is worth taking the time to develop a level of understanding of it more sophisticated than that of barely evolved pond slime. I swear that discourse in this venue is becoming so terminally stupid that the heat death of Bob could only be experienced as welcome relief.
  10. I see. Perhaps you should endeavor to be funnier?
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