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  1. We still <3 you, RV. Oh buddy ole pal. No worries!
  2. Dear Admin, this may help you.

    if not... CloudFlare!
  3. Entertainment is to be needed and global wars provide just that, darling.
  4. With the way the ban policies are, It's really deterred me from donating. I was going to do 2 months straight to catch up where I was before the Methrage war. But what's the point? If I went to a coffee shop and some guy was on CN I could be banned with no real explanation needed. I don't know why same IPs for multiple nations waa said to be allowed when it really isn't. You can't even discuss what you can banned for without getting warned which can lead up to a ban. Which is stupid. It's also why I don't donate.
  5. Going to drink myself into a coma now.

  6. It makes you think on what is truly important. Your own head or staying with your family as you meet slaughter? Of course, I am one of those martyrs who find honor before infrastructure to be not only my battleplan, but even my own execution. Even when not in war, I worry not over fate. I say what needs to be said, I've always refused to cower in fear or bite my tongue. Planet Bob is more interesting that way. Is it not? As for when... Well that depends on a lot of factors. Some just know it from the beginning and fight on anyway. Some are complete and total optomists and never believe the end is coming until the second the sword connects with the back of their necks. Some simply can not calculate the odds.
  7. Cry, cry, cry. La Viva Resistance! P.S. It's a game, have fun!
  8. I have one true love. Music!

  9. The older I get the less I care. Time for a meatball day!

  10. Ow. That one hurt my ego, and things normally don't hurt that.

    One day, I will get you for this.

  11. I haven't commented you in a while so all I have to say is eff your cupcakes. Muffins are better.

  12. Muffins? Oh... See, I'm a cupcake type of guy...

    This isn't going to work... :P

  13. did you People really too scared to comment?

    Hey. I noticed no one has commented you since me... That's kind of depressing really. I think males are scared of you. Cause you know, you have... female parts.

    Hi. I saw you had Vox Populi on your AA, cool beans.

  14. Women? Already have rights? I'm afraid you're the one that's looney!

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