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  1. One can never truly expect to negotiate with terrorists successfully especially with Lord Hitchcock's false grandeur and ego for miles. With that, good luck sweetpeas and do reign hell from above them.
  2. Hopefully this can be swiftly resolved for both parties. If that doesn't work, may your nukes shine bright like a diamond. Good luck, darlings.
  3. Aww this thread makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside to know there are straight up individuals on Planet Bob left, who aren't blood thirsty jerks. Good job darlings.
  4. I wholly support this message. Now, if you're too much of a wimp for shots... try beer. Almost any type of Summer Shandy is great this time of year. Oh and you may also want to pray to Planet Bob Jesus, it never hurts.
  5. Why hello darling, I do remember you.
  6. Congratulations guys and good luck as always.
  7. Because I was a bad CN momma and skipped teaching him where all the best alliances are.
  8. Congratulations and welcome to lovely world of Bob. Good luck darlings.
  9. Very shocked and yet delighted to see this has came into fruition. Congratulations darlings. May you two live harmonious together and hand in hand until the end of Planet Bob.
  10. Try sanctioning him first and then see the lovely results of his saltiness and his sweet sweet tears. Oh and then the breakdown of what comes out of his mouth is pure gold.
  11. Which would already be a lie spewing from your mouth. I didn't run the BC. I didn't run the BC, I was a senator in the BC. Please do some research before spewing flat out lies and stupidity. Thanks. Oh and DazB: Well darling bravery and Limitless Nexus do not go hand in hand... so... Good luck?
  12. At least I am capable of acting like a lady when doing so. Unlike Sir Kindle's filthy mouth and horrendous temperament.
  13. I wholly concur with Shimmer. Though I debate which is more comical: Lord Hitchcock acting all uppity and holy or Freelancer being Freelancer. Le sigh.
  14. Boo boo is all bark with baby bites and tantrums. What else is new?
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