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  1. To be fair, at least this is the type of announcement that should be made in this area. @James Maximus You might want to satisfy the flag police though :P
  2. Hail Kashmir! Hail CLAWS! Kashmir has been one of my favorite alliances since back in The Javahouse League days. Glad to be allied to you all again.
  3. Great to see. It took long enough! :P And yes, DBDC was not going to start any raids against NPO this entire time. It would not be profitable. On the other hand, this treaty goes both ways with a NAP plus optional defense/aggression so it's some reassurance for DBDC as well.
  4. I remember when a member of CLAWS said something highly offensive to a member of Cobra on discord. The entire incident nearly caused a war. There were demands for blood NOW and that was fine with a large portion of the CN population. If, as a community, we truly want to discourage bad behavior then being consistent in what we believe is "just" regardless of alliance and popularity of the offender is important. As things currently stand, I think this is a bunch of B.S. and spin. Change my mind and actually do something more than nice words.
  5. I approve of the Cat Mom theme. Keep your claws sharp.
  6. Lord Hershey Bot Knows All. You clearly have your name wrong. ——— Glad to see this posted.
  7. You might have another good point. Perhaps I should just do it Cobra style and simply claim all my memberships while sitting in one AA. I will talk to my friends in CLAWS about that. If it is good enough for Lyanna to claim all her joint memberships while sitting on the Cobra AA, it is good enough for me. CLAWS, like Cobra, allows tech raiding too. Maybe it's time just to upgrade the tech raiding rules to include inactive alliances. It's something to think about anyway.
  8. The only thing "legal" in CN is that which the "powers that be" agree upon. Starting a war because one side is plotting against another has a long history of being "legal" and thus that is not my point. I was actually surprised that Cobra attacked KoRT. I also want to be clear that by saying this, I am not being critical of what happened. I am sure there was some good reason behind the scenes that I know nothing about as to why the war did not happen that way.
  9. I agree with this one part of your opinion piece. This war should have been fought in response to Cobra's unjustified attack on KoRT.
  10. He has been on the opposite side of me for a number of years. When given the opportunity to take an enemy (especially an active one) and turn the person into a friend it is, in my opinion, worth a little effort.
  11. To be fair, it can be a challenge for alliance leaders to balance these things. Take the last war where CLAWS posted the logs in the DoW as an example. Cobra is STILL - right now - doing their best to make the life of the one who leaked the logs miserable - even after an agreement to let him go. Not only that, they attacked the alliance that he went to after Cobra's leader said it was fine and he was free to go. What do you think Cobrasphere will do to @Lord Hitchcock ?
  12. @Magical MuslimI also remember another attempt to plant a spy from Cobrasphere...
  13. Your advice, although appreciated, is seven years too late. I agree in terms of my style. Probably why I'm enjoying retirement now.
  14. Any conversation about "moral high ground" regarding "raiding" coming from the leader of an alliance that allows raiding is clearly disingenuous.
  15. Next time - surrender, assuming what you are implying is correct. What else is anyone ever remember for on this planet?
  16. It's a transporter. Yes.
  17. You said he was free to go. That was the deal. As the person speaking for him, it is not my job to read your mind and figure out that when you say “free to go” what you actually mean is “free to go except to KoRT.” KoRT did not provide TDE with “sanctuary” because he left and joined them after you all agreed to release him. They took in a new member like any other alliance. KoRT is being attacked because Cobrasphere ( probably specifically Lucius) is still interested in revenge. You might as well stop with the faux outrage. This is Planet Bob. Embrace your need for revenge in public and have at it.
  18. You might want to reread the entire first half of the DoW. It is all about TDE.
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