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  1. Well, Al seems to be having fun now. Nothing against the previous Doomhouse, but it’s 2021, that was eons ago and I highly doubt Al has started his new alliance with the aim of turning it into the new hegemony. I think he made his motivations relatively clear actually. His idea of having fun.
  2. Close enough to my guess. There might be some shifting, an excuse to quietly forget about stale treaties that one never bothered to drop previous, but that’s about it.
  3. That’s not an answer to what I asked. Let me ask in a different way. If every alliance dropped every treaty tomorrow (because you said “that goes for literally everyone btw” in your previous post) what do you think would happen? Food for thought.
  4. Everything else you said means nothing without these 5 words.
  5. Neutrals 🙄 and JA, if we all dropped our treaties tomorrow - what do you think would happen?
  6. Damn allies - You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.
  7. Hail Wolves of Doom! Best wishes @AL Bundy
  8. It’s not your fault. I would think that too if I were not the one having to deal with the politics behind the scenes. Not interested in seeing the situation go beyond a certain point, being that we’re tied to DS and Kashmir. So I wish it were a joke. If it is, I did not get the memo. (it does seem to be IC only as far as I can tell, thank God - so in that way it’s fake. egos can still get bruised though).
  9. Hail Knights of the Round Table! Hail Ordo Cyberneticus! Say KoRT, between both of us we should be able to fill all OC’s aid slots. Let’s do this!
  10. I agree with you that the that we've reached the point where everyone active at least "knows" (on-line) almost everyone else active...at least those in leadership positions. However that's been true in the past. We don't have to all be allied to be friendly/like someone. We do not even have to be allied in order not to get in a war. I have seen situations where an alliance disbands and the members go different ways and the alliances end on opposite sides of the web and the people who like each other want nothing more than to be in range of each other to fight. Also, alliances have allied in the past with long histories of conflict prior. If there is a common goal to achieve, that can happen. I think enough people in positions of influence just do not have war as a priority. People have less time for Planet Bob. In addition, we have more alternatives for the time we have left.
  11. I am still in the CLAWS embassy on the NG discord. NG has people on our discord. It’s not like I am running away. On the other hand, if all you want to do is talk !@#$, that is amusing for only so long. I have better ways to spend my time. Almost every time we interact, you act like you’re some type of Planet Bob expert. From the little I’ve seen, if you are an example of “leadership” here then I am thankful for the mentorship I have received from people who are not following your definition of whatever that means.
  12. No one is or was pretending everything is good. The entire world is aware there is tension between CLAWS and NG. I also expected the $%&@ you’s from you. No surprise there. The part that you actually posted is fine. If that were it I would not bother to say !@#$. I will admit that I was a bit surprised at the level of hate from others. Like I said, I have literally been at war with alliances who show more class in an embassy. If NG wants to keep relations at such a high level of vile, so be it.
  13. Good diplomatic skills are not contingent on the signing of a treaty. I’ve been in situations of outright war where more respect was shown than most of NG government showed me. @dane0being at all critical of @Martialisfor successfully accomplishing a challenging diplomatic goal Martialis set for his alliance is laughable. Clearly NG is not interested in Ordo Cybeneticus. That being the case, all of you can lay off and mind your own business.
  14. It's far better than opening an embassy in an alliance discord and being treated like absolute !@#$ by the government members there. But what would we know about that?
  15. White Chocolate E-Law Office - you now where to find me. Prices for my services are a bit steep but I’m worth it. @Lord Hitchcockwill give me a good referral I am sure.
  16. Hail CLAWS! Hail Ordo Cyberneticus! @Martialisput in a bunch of diplomatic effort with CLAWS and worked hard making new friends. Well done.
  17. Micro alliances unite! Demand your right to raid without being declared a rogue. 😉
  18. FTW gets a new flag that looks suspiciously close to CLAWS flag in 3...2...1...
  19. @AL Bundyis free to leave CLAWS like anyone else is during peace. Since he has though, he is on his own. He knows how CLAWS works internally better than most. If he wants to rejoin CLAWS after working out something with FAN, that’s fine. I replaced him as co-leader though and I think I’ll keep the position for the foreseeable future. I respect FAN. They are not an alliance I would personally decide to raid anytime or DOW without a arguable CB. I have had plenty of times where FAN has been a suggestion by others in terms of a raid target too. I am not just saying that now. Thank You to FAN for reaching out diplomatically to CLAWS about this in private. Now if this goes on and on and on as a war, then maybe CLAWS would help out our old friend if he can not work it out himself. He has not asked however and I expect that he and FAN can come to an agreement in the long term. (my plan was not to say anything in public but since this thread is STILL going I might as well)
  20. To be fair, at least this is the type of announcement that should be made in this area. @James Maximus You might want to satisfy the flag police though :P
  21. Hail Kashmir! Hail CLAWS! Kashmir has been one of my favorite alliances since back in The Javahouse League days. Glad to be allied to you all again.
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