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Final Ride of the Panther


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For 8 years the League of Small Superpowers has called Planet Bob home. For 8 years we have valued the friendships that we have made in this game both in game, and in real life. We've had our struggles, our highs and our lows. We were here when the southern part of the treaty web formed The League to take on the big bad Initiative. We were here when we joined with others in AEGIS to try again... and then got sent to pink and neutrality for a year.
We were here when the Black Team forums were on the old boards, and GOONS and LoSS had so much fun.... indeed, admin shut us down when our new moderator couldn't contain our AWESOMENESS! For 8 years we have stood by our allies and did what we believed was right, sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we failed, but always we rose stronger than before. We never played this Game of Nations to be the top dog; we played to have fun and to make friends. We participated in this realm to enjoy ourselves. To the New Pacific Order, I want to thank you for the experiences and challenges that brought our alliance closer than ever... and as time wore on, made our Real Life friendships stronger. To our old allies on pink, you guys made a tough situation better and so thank you.
These are just a few shoutouts to those we have encountered over the years, yet they do not do justice to all:
To the NAAC - Thank you guys for being there in the beginning, you were our brothers and you had our backs... and we will never forget that.
Goon Order of Neutral Shoving - To those still around thanks for the memories, whether it was trashcan or just random insults the old days were fun
To  IAA  you were our brothers in arms, when one of us marched to war, we knew the other one was right behind us. You were a great ally.
TIO and Scorp - I know things didn't end the greatest, but for those years we were close, we made a heck of a team.
Nemesis - I know the end was hard, we disagreed, we fought, we yelled, but you guys were a great little brother... also it was a PIAT... just had a odp in it.
To Jaaku - Man it's been a while, but thanks for all the good times
To Phoebus - The man who owned our boards and ran them, thank you for everything that you did for LoSS.
Finally to all the members of LoSS past and present, thank you for the last 8 years and making them great.
Thus, in accordance with the unanimous vote of the Sovereign Government, and majority vote of the General Assembly of the League of Small Superpowers, with excitement and ferver, in the word and spirit of the values and principles laid out in our Charter, we embrace our new future with our new brothers and friends in Supernova X.
The Government of LoSS
P8ntballerdude, Prime Minister of LoSS
Legion-x, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Junior Minister of Internal Affairs
Chedab, Minister of Defense
Madmike, Minister of Finance
Madcat-,Minister of Education
Edited by legion-x
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I have only been in LoSS for a few months, but I came to really enjoy being a member of this alliances and having the chance to participate with a clean slate in assisting our leadership wherever I could. I've come to develop strong relationships with the active members of LoSS and am glad to be a part of this ancient alliance's ascendancy into SNX.


On a side note, my hope to become allied to Polar has finally taken place... it was delayed somewhat since the fall of IAA, but I believe SNX will embody the best of the spirit of the old alliances.


o/ LoSS

o/ SNX

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I have known LoSS since my very early days back in CDS in the fight against GOONS on black.  Later while in TPF working behind the scenes to help LoSS get some breathing room from Pacfica and later becoming allies.  It is sad day for Planet Bob.  Goodbye LoSS The Big Bad salutes you.    

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