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  1. good luck SNX it seems that brown has reached pink-level chaos
  2. best birthday ever I'll call it the Did Not See This Coming Treaty
  3. black card: " I am a filthy powindah because _____"
  4. this is a big old mess, and declaring a ceasefire is obviously going to fail it's best to talk directly with Defender on the forums, I'm not sure he can be on chat, but we should have some one in his place for today
  5. and he did, and the consensus was that a ceasefire is kind of silly, especially considering one side all of a sudden declared it without consulting the other side your intentions may be good, but you can see how the other side can see it as a buying time tactic, I don't think a ceasefire is necessary for ongoing negotiations
  6. No one agreed to a ceasefire, you just unilaterally declared it
  7. if "uninvolved Monsters, Inc." are victims, it is still a consequence of fellow Monsters, Inc. members' actions
  8. before you leave you need to admit you were wrong and spreading lies or perhaps you simply didn't know the truth
  9. no, not this. SWF has always had a counter offer. even your own buddy BMTH has made it clear, if you will check post #40 of this topic seems yous guys don't got your facts straight. And it is your alliance that has had the benefit of forethought in this event, while SWF has had to react to all the mishaps and misunderstandings, I don't know why yalls not trying harder to fix this sitch
  10. this is an outrage. now I will sanction myself from pink, I will no longer deal with pecs. actually, I'm not even surprised, eventually everyone will have been sanctioned on pink, it seems.
  11. it was a great almost year, join DL
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