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  1. A very ironic statement, given the announcement in the OP. As much as I would love to join the rest of Planet Bob on its trip back to December of 2006,
  2. Do you... ah, do you know what a "forum avatar" is? Just figured I'd ask.
  3. Uhhh... you don't get to bring friends. WRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Bullying is a real problem in our schools and we need to take steps to address it.
  4. I like your Plan A of making Locke and Haruhi kiss and make up. o/ micro drama
  5. Good point. No one ever goes on Twitter and tells lies.
  6. That is the only good thing that can come of this, and I also eagerly await the day a tweet is cited as a CB. I hope they screencap it and put it in the DoW.
  7. So what I'm getting out of this is that war has changed. It's no longer about alliances, ideologies, or CBs. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine. Does that about sum things up?
  8. I haven't heard from anyone in MI6 except for what has been in this thread (and the one time Myth contacted me via query) since mastabadey and Charles negotiated for the peace, so I'll take your word for it. The crazy thing is I'm not even asking for people to just let me say whatever I want, but to at least give me (and whomever else winds up stepping on a sensitive subject in the future) the common courtesy of talking the matter out rationally rather than trying to sweep things under the rug and/or make accusations. If people have a certain idea of what they think is respectful and they want others to abide by it, it would be a good idea if they tried showing some respect themselves. It's not a constructive way to resolve conflict to say that the other person's concerns are and I quote "completely irrelevant." No bonus points for guessing where that quote came from. My issue has always been with the handling of the situation, which I view as hypocritical. People come to me complaining that what I'm saying isn't respectful of the sensitivities of others, yet they give no thought to any of my own. As I stated in one of my responses to Duderonomy, I couldn't give two !@#$% what people say to me so long as I'm able to dish it back out... but if people want to enforce things on me where I have to watch what I say (and as I attempted to demonstrate with the example of an issue on the Invicta forums, I don't mind that in its own right), I darn well expect them to watch what they say to me.
  9. For starters, I would be interested in hearing what I did over at Invicta that was even remotely racist. I had some issues with censorship over there was well, but I didn't say anything racist over there unless merely suggesting that Lincoln was less than the messianic hero he's held up to be is somehow racist. I didn't realize "Kool-Aid drinking moron" was a racial slur now. As for this thread, if you'll notice I said nothing about MI6 in my original post. I would have been perfectly content to throw up my DoE and call it a day. I did not bring MI6 into this until someone else brought up the false story being spread behind my back to smear me, and at that point I gave a lengthy explanation to defend my position. I have spread no lies or misinformation, and I have made no effort to smear MI6 as a whole but rather those individuals who instigated this affair. That being said, this whole debacle having gone on for some days, I would like to add some retrospective to the matter. It appears TheListener may not have been deserving of the amount of rancor I directed at him. I've seen him in this thread and he hasn't come in to attack me, unlike Myth. Barring talking !@#$ about me behind my back, which is not an assumption I'm willing to make about him in these circumstances, I can only conclude that he's been watching this unfold with the same boredom and perhaps even frustration that I myself hold towards this whole ordeal. I still think his handling of the situation wasn't ideal, and I still think he tends to take things more seriously than they often warrant, but having seen things play out the way they have I'm willing to admit that he likely bears no guilt in this matter aside from being one of the initial catalysts (the other being, of course, myself). Now someone has been talking !@#$ behind my back, as evidenced by the fact that the false and context-free version of the story made its way to a non-member who brought it up in this thread. Given the way this thread has gone, I do feel justified in assuming Myth has some culpability in the matter in spite of his assertions to being merely an annoyed observer. This especially in light of the fact that he confronted me on IRC in what I can only deduce was an effort to acquire some sort of statement he could take out-of-context and present as a confession, a-la the "I think Coolsville sucks" scene of that one Scooby Doo movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXAZ7LZsUy8 As for your question, while MI6 has over 100 members, the number of forum regulars is much smaller. Now, if someone wanted to address the issue in a more level-headed manner they certainly could have shot me a PM along with the deletion (I get it. Play it safe and delete it.) saying "Hey, I think some people would prefer it if you steered away from using that word. The more subtle and acceptable way of making that joke is to just call them NGers. If you still want to make that joke, please use that term instead." My response would have been "Sure thing. I thought the capitalization would have made it obvious it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but I get it. I'll resubmit my post with NGer instead." I would have submitted it with the suggested change, and PMed the person back saying "Just resubmitted my post. We good?" If everything was good, that would have been the end of it. There was no need to jump straight to calling me racist and then imply to my face that clearly the only thing I could possibly be put off about was the inability to use a certain word. That is where things began to escalate.
  10. Excellent. This is an unexpected development even for me.
  11. Except that MI6 has worked hard to build up this image of being "le thick-skinned arrogant ***holes" so trying to coddle people seems hypocritical at best. Also, if you don't see derogatory terms being flung around you aren't paying attention. They may be trying to crack down on it now, but the fact of the matter is it was for a long time a commonplace thing (as well as in IAA1 and 2, from which MI6 derives so much of its roots to the point that the URL IAA3 redirects to the MI6 boards) so to suddenly act like it's some horrible thing we need to shield everyone's eyes from is absurd. Also, you seem to have missed my earlier point which I made by recalling a similar incident on the Invicta boards. Go have a look and get back to me. Inner Heaven can only be reached by buying me dinner first.
  12. Well at least one of my opponents seems to be enjoying themselves. And we've even brought on a new recruit.
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