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  1. I'm pretty sure might just makes might, I could be wrong
  2. Anarquista

    Stats ITB: 3

    well organized stats, good job
  3. good idea, but maybe you should do another where the complete seven days of a war are counted
  4. no need to apologize, it's all good, i don't mean to bother you again about stuff, but, GPF was arguing that they didn't technically surrender afaik, and LSF allies, UCR, joined the war technically as we announced our treaty upgrade, http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/115027-a-joint-announcement-and-a-few-housekeeping-notes-from-ucr/ thank you
  5. it's simply the truth and the truth matters, your opinion is what doesn't matter here
  6. thank you for keeping this updated, the only thing that may be missing is zulu attacking ODN INT in defense of NATO
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