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  1. Ha ha, I was just reading through some old threads and saw this. I just scrolled through the 40 biggest nations in FTW, and only recognized one name from SNX or MCXA.
  2. Even the most one side war is still a war
  3. There is a culture about CN right now where being aggressive on the OWF is bad for you. It is a shame.
  4. Hey, we also have a pretty cool Cat GIF flag.
  5. No, and you can't make us. :colbert:
  6. You'll be one of us in a year.
  7. Jrkee! I want you, Gopher wants you, jimmyv wants you, yosodog wants, we all want you at MI6! Join now!
  8. BTW, I am definitely down for a tournament.
  9. On behalf of SNX I will accept your apology for not declaring war on us.
  10. I'm down to play. friend request sent.
  11. Because Kaskus holds grudges, just like everybody else.
  12. Offensive wars is really the stat that matters. Being proud of getting your face kicked in is dumb.
  13. Ahh, I played that in beta, but I haven't had a comp that could play it since it was released.
  14. Saw the title and was thinking "Ten almighty grubs was thing?"
  15. No one wants to play with TIO :(

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