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  1. I wouldn't use the term quality exactly, as already stated OWF was always filled with colorful content. What has dropped is the interest factor. OWF is boring as !@#$, which can be taken as a reflection of those most active there, those that avoid it and in game politics OWF is lost, its just a wasteland. It lights up with some excitement during a big war, but that too is incomparable to previous and lasts for a short bit. There is no changing it, its just the way it is for couple of years now and it is settled in to this completely non engaging mode.
  2. Branimir

    Pacifica Sphere

    Simplistic views from simplistic minds.
  3. Being a member of a CN alliance is a simple administrative matter of passing entrance. Being Pacifican goes beyond that. Something that holds true for as well also other CN present communities and cultures. Now, spam ahead.
  4. I am aware you were once a member. We are a mass recruiting alliance, many walked our halls. Majority Pacificans, some wanderers, spies here and there, as well as attention seeking posers who were a bad joke. Setting the record straight here, for other nonsense you produce in mass quantity I do not care.
  5. You never was, or will be a Pacifican. You are a poser, attention seeker and a strange mildly amusing joke. Now, feel free do spam us with nonsense, but leave that absurd claim to rest.
  6. teenagers,...you know heros are older then that :shakefist: damn kids
  7. What is your aim, Shatt? Seriously, what do you want? Just cut to the core-- own up. Brehon didnt lead the coalition to your wishes. That is his main crime with you, that is obvious. I have read all of your material, and I fail to see why NPO ends up in your rants as-- devil incarnate. Brehon, played a game of kings. Played for the throne, devised a plan to do it. Allies with which to achieve it. Plan blew up. Didn't pan out. Nothing worked, really. Ended him unable to suit all interests, ended him stepping on toes. Ended him, not sensitive enough for others. But, he didn't forced draconian things of our past. NPO messed up in its role last war. Our own bad, that lead us to our own current predicament. We said so ourselves. We made it clear ourselves. But game for the throne, is played now. Its played constantly. And it can not be played without stepping on toes. Its been done-- right now! And it leaves always-- somebody ranting like you are now. What has then, Brehon did that is so unforgivable on the scale of history of that power struggle, that you need now, at a point where all has collapsed-- he is gone, his alliance is being rolled, its allies are getting rolled-- to be on this propaganda jihad. Further highlighted by the very fact that your are hardly the most hurt party in this story, and yet you are doing the most whining. What do you want to prove, what people do not already know. Oh,... I know-- he !@#$@#$ hurt you enormous ego, ffs. So, I return to my starting question? What do you want, besides healing your ego. You want to further demonize us, like we just genocide the CN, far beyond proportions of our actual mistakes? So we end up isolated like after "karma"? You want to shun us? Is that it? You want to, 'drive in the message' for it? You want to flaunt our failings? Do you want an apology for your hurt feelings? Is that it? Do you want a !@#$@#$ hug? Tell us-- own up. What is it. NPO, made mistakes in the last war and post war, which lead to our current predicament. Those mistakes, while aggrieved some-- did not leave us as devil incarnate. They left us as losers of the power game, and as insensitive to certain subjects. They have a right to be pissed if they want to. However, as much you wanna perhaps try to demonize us overly so, try to shun us, force us to cover ourselves with ash-- we didn't do anything unprecedentedly 'evil' or unforgivably terrible. And once we are defeated and rolled, eliminated from the throne game by cutting politics. Uneasy partnerships will remain in the new world forming, new players for the throne crystallized, the thing repeated. We, in what shape we shall be left, will not be loved, but neither despised-- we shall be used as just a figurine which can come in handy for the new big players. And they will step on toes, be not caring at moments, force their interests. And people will moan. Perhaps, if one of them hurt your ego again like Brehon did by not being able to be molded by you-- you will rant so as you are doing right now. No Shatt, I am not pissed at your new/old jihad against us. I am just again surprised and somewhat perplexed by the enormity of your own sense of grander. But please, carry on. Tell how we killed baby seals, and covered oceans in oil. Go ahead.
  8. It is obvious what is going on here, Shatt. Brehon didnt lead the coalition the way you would have liked him, wanted him, and tried to influence him. Parties that were far, far more aggrieved by Brehons moves carry less venom and dare I say it "butthurt", then you and your cult of Shatt which were micro players with no big stakes except for your enormous ego. The alliance in which you currently reside, by that note, is a far more aggrieved party then you. Brehon indeed went ape !@#$ on them for their DoW on NG, which was wrong. And yet, Dajoboo, guy far more insulted by NPOs antics in the last war, managed to accept our apology for Brehons behavior and even further, didnt launched a war against NPO for Brehons leadership in the last war (which he could, lets be honest there), but rather other grievances with other alliances. Quite frankly, NPO and NpO had one of the most constructive and honest talks about our part in the history of our relations prior to this war, then at any other time previous I dare say. And yet, here you stand on yet another propaganda jihad against NPO. Even when hordes are at our door, and the "jig is up". Shooting at the dead horse, at this point. The only way to explain this all is, you wanted to move and shake things and failed due to Brehon. Brehon ignored you. YOU! The travesty. This isn't about anyone else, but just you. So you pin on us every single !@#$@#$ thing you could possibly. Next we know, we will be to blame for global warming. NPO in its DoW on TOP openly accepted responsibility for our mistakes. You do not often see, alliances in their DoWs saying they are in the wrong and are going to get $%&@ed and that its on them. This need that you have, to constantly highlight our failure which we are aware, is just your hurt ego talking. Our leadership $%&@ed up, we are in a !@#$@#$ hole, and so let the sky fall. And you. You just rant away, as part of your ego therapy. Its simple, now that the person you hate so much isn't even here to respond. Shooting a fish in a barrel. Have at it, but do not think for a second that people do not understand the underlaying motive here.
  9. I believe we are missing the biggest sin of the NPO here, and its about time somebody mentioned this atrocity. Brehon hurt Shats feelings. That can not stand.
  10. Well, that is very transparent of you. We should now ironically hail xiph for forgetting the "larger plan" of destroying NPO,... although the war he is fighting has nothing to do with NPO,... but it all comes back to it. Even if NPO does absolutely nothing, the grand plan is always based on NPO. That is very cool actually.
  11. Thanks for the summary, as said I just didnt wanted to listen to it. It proved to be the right idea it seems. I think it is clear that NPO was not belligerent, nor in any way unreasonable since "karma". We have fallowed those surrender terms to the letter and afterwards played "the nice guy" to the letter too. We were faced with ton of provocations, but we weathered stoically. Not only in this game, but others too. Taking it OOC as well. I am not quite sure what you think this unprovoked attack will result in. But I can tell you, nobody will have any will to play a nice guy in NPO any longer. Diplomacy? Are you kidding me? Diplomacy with whom? You? Why?
  12. I soooo don't care what mpol has to say. Time for talking is over, its worth is nothing obviously. EVERYTHING.MUST.PIE.
  13. Branimir

    dear cn

    Lispbot, I have no idea what you are talking about. Am not sure you do either.
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