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  1. Unfortunately, for years now NPO has been overtaken by all encompassing artificial intelligence of dark, emotionless intellect. We are all slaves to it. It gives us babies to eat, it gives us targets to hit. We just obey. It moves by it's own designs. Nobody knows. All we see is the eye. The red big eye. Sometimes its blue. I once seen it green. It turned black one day. I don't know.
  2. I feel you. Sometimes I am liek,...why am I here? What is here? Is here even real or just a figment of my imagination? What am I anyway? Am I real? Is real real? Can I I? p.s. Hope for a good fight for everyone. NPO Invicta wars previously were all a good scrap for nations involved. Have fun y'all
  3. NPO and Invicta already fought direct wars against each other. Get over it. We learned from the best, 'shroom. In other news, as seen from the CB we are here for our ally. We showed capacity of moving away from grudges multiple times (one such occasion recently displayed by NPO-NpO treaty) and some of our past enemies are now years long partners. Moral of the story? It takes two.
  4. My primary point was that wars here are not 'fair'. Never were, never will be. Being that the populace of this world is seasoned by now, all should be aware of it by now. So mentioning it like some big point is of limited effect. On the point you raised, I am not sure how much it compares as I do not know neither the differences of the mentioned war of which I honestly have no idea what is (I do not fallow very closely things any longer) with some of the bad beats NPO went through (like so called karma etc.) so I couldn't really go into that. My point on that was you receive some, you dish some. Also, I was just being a dick in general. This place is staaaaaaaaaaaaaale as $%&@. So I kicked some dirt around. I mean NPO-NpO treaty thread, and 3 pages? We have to do better then that.
  5. Oh, no. Are you trying to imply that there is a war going on and it is,....statistically unbalanced? The unseen horror. The unimaginable thing. Utter dread. How could this be? How could God Admin let this happen? The atrocity. Think of the children. Good thing none of us was ever on the receiving end of such a thing. God is dead.
  6. I came here to see whats going on, and then noticed this post. It is really cool to see Legion still exists. I am not being sarcastic. I am closing on a decade here, which makes me wanna shoot my self but besides that makes me reminisce when here. It would be cool to see more people from GATO, ODN and Legion here and about. Other then that, announced policy reflects the reality of things. Therefore, with it or without, the things would essentially play out the same. With NPO essentially being half of the red team, and in the other half no serious coherent political entity exists, it is what it is. P.S. Split on the new board.
  7. The powerless have spoken, The masters that wanted to be, power that dreamed it could, But outwitted, outplayed, dominated it stands, Inferior in every way, footnote of history, their pain has taken words, The last resort they have to hold on to, Of any importance left in the world
  8. It is a messaging thing. For example, couple of pages before; Caliph just turns out to be more genuine with it. Similarly, in our DoW thread you had Berbers harping on the same angle it was just Umbrella that was suppose to be the one to save their top tier while NPO burned theirs. It is a popular motive to try to play with.
  9. No, couldn't be. That place is safely secured by the DoW on Ordo Verde. :D
  10. I think we are all missing a pretty big thing here. And that is that the first Imperial Decree Frawley made as an Emperor was a DoW. That is a stylish beginning I can get behind
  11. See what I mean? Just is not for you man. We all have our strong suits and those less so.
  12. Ohhhhh, I see. You were trying to be witty, but it turns out it isn't your forte. Oh, ok.
  13. What? I try to keep up but sometimes you people go places where my common sense doesn't fallow
  14. Actually, allow me to make things plainly simple. You pushed one too many times. I suppose your guy there BONES thought by now that norms and conventions of this place do not apply to him because some of you including him managed to accumulate large amounts of tech, infra and land in your nations. Weeeeeeell, guess what.
  15. Do not worry all. Sgt Gus has a plan grand strategy.
  16. We are going to win and win and win and Pacifican will get tired of winning and they will say stop Frawley and then Frawley is going to win and win even more. P.S. Congratulations Letum on being, IMO, the best Emperor of NPO. Well done, happy I was here to enjoy the ride.
  17. You are correct. Using plural there was my mistake in typing. Indeed, beside the MI6 one, no other was a problem from our point of view. I hope you accept my apology, I didnt wanted to exaggerate although that is how it ended up looking. I will edit the incorrect part.
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