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  1. For those that remember me - hi I'm not dead... just been living a pretty busy RL. The years sure have flown by fast, and I can't remember if I left in '13 or '15 and why I left :3 but either way I decided to check in and see what's changed. Anyone still around from TIO days? Also anything fun happen since I've been gone?
  2. It's been a good three years since I was last on here, but need a good trade circle so I can collect. TIA
  3. Never thought I'd see this sort of announcement. Best of luck Sparta.
  4. Pretty much sums up how I feel about it, SCY.
  5. Good luck FARK, nobody can ever doubt your metal thats for sure.
  6. Sad to see Pez go, but i'm sure Conistonslim will do just fine. Good luck old friends.
  7. Same here, wondered where the last three years of my life went.
  8. Well this is a nice surprise. Allies again legion-x ;)
  9. Good luck to you guys, especially my old friends over from MCXA and LoSS.
  10. So long my friends, it's been a fun ride. Enjoy your new adventure.
  11. Congrats to you Stagger on finally making it to the top.
  12. Couldn't say I expected this move, but then again CJ is a hard man to read. Good luck to you both.
  13. Congrats to our brothers in IRON and our good friends in FARK. A solid partnership.
  14. I've always held a lot of respect for CoJ and Schatt, and I hope you find whatever you guys are looking for in this world. It was fun fighting and working alongside you last war. Good luck. o7 CoJ
  15. Congrats to my brothers in LoSS and my friends in NPL. Obligatory rollMoufassa
  16. At least someone is doing something to combat the masses of neutrals. Enjoy guys.
  17. I chose TIO, NATO and R&R, because things are very boring right now and I'd take any war rather than no war.
  18. o7 the Dre4m Dictatorship! May it bring what GATO desires. Good luck brothers.
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