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  1. For those that remember me - hi I'm not dead... just been living a pretty busy RL. The years sure have flown by fast, and I can't remember if I left in '13 or '15 and why I left :3 but either way I decided to check in and see what's changed. Anyone still around from TIO days? Also anything fun happen since I've been gone?
  2. Scorponok

    Stats ITB: 3

    Good stuff mate.
  3. I was top poster of the day? huh?

  4. You're top poster for the day right now.

  5. TFD, a lot a battle hardened vets. Legacy would just hide in PM.
  6. Someone had to do it, now just waiting for some other poor fool to repeat my mistake.

  7. Hmm I kinda agree with you, I may just rework it without the text.

  8. It's not Rebecca Black that ruins it...it's the added text. Yes, I am disgusted. :)

  9. If that is the case, then my initial intentions were met. To disgust if you must know.

  10. Your 'Friday' sig pic is horrible. Do you really find it funny, or are you just wearing it as some sort of statement in irony?

  11. You either love it or you hate it ...

    I wear it for lulz

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