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  1. For those that remember me - hi I'm not dead... just been living a pretty busy RL. The years sure have flown by fast, and I can't remember if I left in '13 or '15 and why I left :3 but either way I decided to check in and see what's changed. Anyone still around from TIO days? Also anything fun happen since I've been gone?
  2. Scorponok

    Need a trade circle

    It's been a good three years since I was last on here, but need a good trade circle so I can collect. TIA
  3. Scorponok

    GOONS achieves total victory

    So long.  
  4. Scorponok

    Spartan Treaty Announcements

    Never thought I'd see this sort of announcement.   Best of luck Sparta.
  5. Scorponok

    Wars Ought To Have Meaning

      Pretty much sums up how I feel about it, SCY.  
  6. Scorponok

    Fark DoW

    Good luck FARK, nobody can ever doubt your metal thats for sure.  
  7. Scorponok

    GPA Winter Govt: December-February Term

      Preparing for when they inevitably get raided?
  8. Scorponok

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    Sad to see Pez go, but i'm sure Conistonslim will do just fine.     Good luck old friends.  
  9. Scorponok

    This Week in Os's World

      Same here, wondered where the last three years of my life went.  
  10. Scorponok

    Bears in Space

    Well this is a nice surprise.  Allies again legion-x ;)
  11. Scorponok

    LoSS Affirmation of Existence

    Good luck my friends.
  12. Scorponok

    The New Guardians of the Galaxy

    Good luck to you guys, especially my old friends over from MCXA and LoSS.
  13. Scorponok

    Final Ride of the Panther

    So long my friends, it's been a fun ride.     Enjoy your new adventure.
  14. Scorponok

    MI6 Election Results

    Congrats to you Stagger on finally making it to the top.