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  1. Lool. As someone who was in ODN gov for a lot of those situations, oh god you are wrong Schattycat.
  2. Just pointing out, Teeters is in NPO and we already have a forum pip
  3. Oh dear. If your alliance had any upper tier I would be worried for it.
  4. That's the way we go. Most overall, most defensive and the second most offensive on our side, despite being piled. I like.
  5. Oh dear. XX should try to take C&G on their own before they get all mouthy. You had to bring along all your friends before you would even dare try, and it will come back to bite you.
  6. ODN. Just better, and we have Pingu.
  7. Too many Guns in america, get over youselves. UK, NZ, Aus; hardly tyrannies are they?
  8. MCXA is not fighting, it has virtually no NS loss as it has virtually no nations that are not in peace mode.
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