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The Book of Maroon


The Global Order of Darkness and the Random Insanity Alliance have remained close allies since October 31, 2007. We became friends following the Unjust War and through the years we have lived through good times, bad times, controversy, power, and decline. Our relationship is one that has seen its fair share of controversy but we have endured and it was made stronger through such trials. We have watched countless friends and enemies come and go over the years but we have remained brothers. The leadership of both alliances trust each other implicitly due to our long history and hope to continue this bond for as long as we can. We have fought side by side on the same front in 6 global wars in both victory and defeat. Always being brothers through various blocs, recently we realized we don't actually have an individual treaty and thus we have sought to remedy this situation with the following...

Chapter 1. Genesis

Recognizing the years of mutual trust and friendship between us, the Global Order of Darkness and the Random Insanity Alliance do hereby agree that we will continue to strive to maintain our brotherhood.

Chapter 2. Exodus

We agree to each other that we will never lift up arms or plot against the other in any way, shape, or form.

Chapter 3. Leviticus

We agree that we shall always maintain close communication and share any and everything of interest that could affect the other.

Chapter 4. Numbers

We agree that should our brotherhood come under assault from heathens and non-believers, we shall strive to strike back together as a united front, as it has been since long ago, as it shall remain.

Chapter 5. Deuteronomy

We agree that should one of us strike out against someone they see as a foe, we shall always retain the option of assisting... because let's be honest now.


Should either side wish to renounce the Book, they must give the other at least a week notice before it becomes official.


For the Global Order of Darkness,
~Xiphosis, Dark Lord
~Mishie, Lord of the External

For the Random Insanity Alliance,
~Shadow, By the Grace of Cactuar, His Glorious Excellency The Most Holy, Blessed, and Venerable Eternal Triumvir of Random Insanity and the Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging, Captain Planet Emeritus, Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Realms of the Cactuar, Defender of the Faith, Guardian of the Funk, Grand Master of the Most Noble Sovereign Military Order of Cactimus Prime, Central Commander of the Nintuar Clan, Leader and Guide of the Rivolucion, The Ultimate Lifeform, Mystic Dragon Emperor of the Cheeselands, Archduke of Disorder, Overlord of Lunacy, Puppetmaster of Chaos, etc.
~ im317, Triumvir, Former Elder of PotD, Enemy of Spelling
~ Ogaden, Ruiner of Everything, Buzzkill Extraordinaire, RI5 Developer, Viceroy of the Nuclear Proliferation League, Head of Economics, yeah man
~ Croix, not having the same sig on multiple treaties
~ biofantic, Head of Military Operations, Master of the Galaxy, the 5th ghostbuster, Singer of great epics, Divider of Canyons, Emperor of Emperors, Leader of the New Generation, Squire to Shadow's Shadow's Shadow's Shadow, Lighter of lights, Secret Fascist Leader of the People
~ Biff Webster, Biff Webster.
~ cctmsp13, viceroy



crazy people

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well now that i have actually read the treaty, after signing it 2 weeks ago, i can only see that im honored to have helped rectify the error that was a lack of an individual treaty between our 2 alliances.



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Agreed. Had no idea you guys weren't allied. Considered it a gimme.


I didn't know you guys weren't allied either.  Very strange, but classic case of paper not being as important as the friendship.

Congrats guys!


I was pretty convinced we had one from just prior to GOD joining SF but no one can find it anywhere, so it might as well not exist if it ever did.

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I was pretty convinced we had one from just prior to GOD joining SF but no one can find it anywhere, so it might as well not exist if it ever did.

I feel like you are right but trying to Find it might be hard
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